EPA Fines Logitech $261k for Unsubstantiated Bacteria-Busting Keyboard Claims



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There are so many products out there attached to bogus claims, and all too often the companies that make them get away with it. When a person does this, we call them a con artist or swindler, yet we've somehow come to accept that large companies will exaggerate their claims to the point of lying, and that's just business as usual. When it's related to health, that really crosses a line. Logitech made a mistake, and were given a fair fine to discourage them from doing it again. This is how it should work.



Just to clarify, Logitech got in trouble for not properly registering an antimicrobial label claim with the EPA.  That does not mean that their product is not antimicrobial... only they don't have the means to substantiate that claim.

I've personally worked with silver in a microbiology lab and have studied it's antimicrobial effects.  Coincidentally, my studies were for EPA registration.  That being said, I was suprised at how well silver actually does kill bacteria.



Please reread actual artical. Just to clairify, I quote:

" The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has ordered computer peripherals maker Logitech, Inc. to pay $261,000 to settle a case against the company for making unsubstantiated public health claims about its keyboard, a violation of federal law. The company incorporated a silver compound designed to protect a keyboard against deterioration, then marketed the keyboard as protecting the user from bacteria and microbes."

Their was no talk of exact compound used so therefor no way of knowing its actual properties. If there were no studies to back this up then they have no right claiming it is antimicrobial.  Even if silver does, in fact, have microb-killing properties.



silver kills bacteria because i taught it karate



LMFAO!  thanks for that :D



Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't there a keyboard a few years back that actually DID have a kind of anti-bacterial use?  If I remember correctly, the keys were manufactured with microscopic carbon nanotubes to skewer the bacteria and kill them on contact



That is a very fair fine.  a slap on the wrist for what's apparently an obvious and easy mistake. 



In my mind, logitech was probably had a "OH SH!T" moment as soon as the EPA started asking questions about their claims. Nonetheless, as much as I like products from logitech, I think it is fair of the EPA to slam a fine. 

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