Entitlementcraft: Disgruntled Players Attack Minecraft's Servers, Demand New Content



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A random anonymous post doesn't mean anything. The reasoning probably has nothing to do with the "lack" of updates, just trolling.

"LOL, you Minefags and your complaints..." I could imagine being the mindset here.



Notch did an interview on the PC Gamer podacst and you could hear in his voice how the relentless attacks are getting him down. He actually had to take a few weeks off because he was so exhausted and the forums went crazy because there was no new content for 2 weeks. The game is still in alpha! Give this guy a break!




Wow.  Hey, he got his sales, if it were me I'd just take the whole thing offline and walk away with the money.  Nobody deserves that kind of treatment.




I'd hate to think of what these Tom Dick and Harrys think of Duke Nukem Forever!!!

Do they not realize that what they did is slow down the release further? Now they (he) have to fix the server and update security rather than work on the game.

Idea of the day people.....THINK.



The sad part is, 4chan as a whole is gonna get blamed for this, when really, it's probably just a single Anon jerkwad. So sad...



This exemplifies beautifully the growing problem of people and their misguided feelings of entitlement.  It's rampant in the video game world possibly due to a lower level of maturity.  Take starcraft 2...  I actually saw someone say this: "I purchased 3 copies of starcraft, therefore Blizzard owes me LAN in Starcraft 2."  Then of course there's the whole petition to put LAN into the game and make it one game with 10 missions for each race.  During that whole furor, you'd hear quite often "I'm just going to pirate the game now."  It's almost like these entitled asses think that game developers are their slaves.  It's the adult equivalent of stomping your feet on the floor and crying "mommy, I want that!"

And now with Minecraft, this entitlement phenomenon is apparently not limited to just blockbuster games and large companies.  It also affects indie developers as well.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and blame Ronald Reagan.



Entitlement: "It's the adult equivalent of stomping your feet on the floor and crying "mommy, I want that!" my quote of the day.


Zachary K.

i believe this supports my argument that 4chan (and pirates by proxy) are a bunch of snot nosed punks who feel entitled to everything because their parents spoiled them.

PS: on the subject of CAPTCHA, XKCD.com/810 



Because of your post, I see that my argument that everyone that visits a certain place or performs a particular action is exactly the same holds true. Furthermore, your post supports my argument that people who generalize are morons.



The people in 4chan are like the environmentalist Greenpeace wack jobs of the internet. For the love of Christ, get a life already.



...the place has multiple boards for multiple purposes? A good number of people go on 4chan just to share wallpapers. The odds of the whole website's userbase actually agreeing on anything is EXTREMELY close to impossible.

People join Greenpeace because they say "We believe this and do this." 4chan lacks anything like that officially. What if a sizeable group of MaximumPC users decided to do something? Would you like to be grouped in with what doesn't even amount to a majority?



They should do this to Blizzard bwahahhaha. They took forever in releasing SC2 (way past the due date), and are going to take just as long (overdue) for D3. But I think it is ridiculous that he did this to minecraft for the fact of the game being created, by such few people (Notch, he counts as 3 people ha). What a turd.






Patience  is a virtue that most people don't have any more.



So what, some 15 year old wrist slitter from the suburbs, or worse, some 30 year old in mommy's basement couldn't wait a few days and instead used daddy's credit card and rented a botnet?

And people wonder why I stick to single player games? Seriously, just trying to figure this out gives me brain pain.



Hey guys! I have an idea!  Notch won't give us updates, so let's attack his servers so that we will be actively preventing him from giving us updates!




these people are either incredibly immature and stupid, or incredibly spoiled rich brats.



These people really really REALLY need to get laid. No sex can make people grumpy.



So these jackasses are the reason I couldn't log in and use my Gordon Freeman skin...

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