Ensemble's Canceled Project was WoW-Wannabe Halo MMO



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First i'm hearing of this and i for one think it's a bad idea. Halo isn't mmo material, one mmo with guns as a main weapon (Anarchy online i think was the title) sucked. Masterchief can't cast fireball or frost nova... First halo game was the only sensible one in the franchise. 2 was boring and buggy, shottiest game i've ever wasted money on. I was the ONLY person at my local eb to return the legendary edition 3 hours after purchasing because in the second mission i found that the models didn't load for a second, and then the textures didn't load till the video was half over. My friend had the same problem on his version, so i got 79 dollars back. With the many complaints about halo 2, why would they make an mmo? Literally everyone i've heard say halo 2 was the best game ever was under the age of 15. What 15 year old pays for an MMO? (which means monthly installments) I'm glad it didn't come out. It would be the center for morons to argue about who's better at Xbox Live like it was a crucial part of humanity's existance.


fake gordon mah ung

The real tragedy here is not that console-toting toddlers will not have a Halo-themed MMO in which to verbally assault each other. Losing one of the great producers of RTS is a blow to the PC gaming community. I cut my strategy teeth on AOK and will truly miss this franchise.



I didn't find Halos story very deep at all. I remember sinking $50 into that stinker on the first xbox because of the hype. I think that was the LAST time I bought a game on hype alone!

Pretty graphics, but no substance and no good story. Good call, killing this stinker before it became an mmo money pit.





i would probably switch because WOW is getting a little old even though the expansion is coming out and all but still its getting a little old.

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