Ennova Announces USB Thumb Drive with OLED, Biometric Scanner



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Could someone please explain to me why I should provide people with a reason to cut off my fingers? I'm not joking on this one. I don't do biometric stuff for that very reason.



Print scaners are still easy to defeat, and anyways cutting off fingers gets messy which makes those devices not read them well.

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 The biometric scanner sounds like a good idea. We have them on PC's to lock and protect them, why not on a thumb drive. Will make moving data around offline more secure.

The best way to prevent data left, is to keep it offline, this make it even more secure!!

 Now, if we had a portable biometric scanner that can be used to open doors, unlock PC's, etc and it looks like a thumb drive, and if it works with almost any device that would be best!


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Fantastic device, I'm surprised we haven't seen it on car key fobs yet?

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