Enjoy a 3-4 Second Boot with Asrock's New Instant Boot Feature



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 asrock has never been the top of the line... but that's not what their company's business structure is tailored for. They leave that to their sister company (did you know they're an offshoot of ASUS?)

While they are never top in performance, they have been consistentantly been known for out of the ordinary, with their hybrid core boards, upgrade boards, AGP/PCI combos and now this.

 I can say from personal experience that they make a solid board at a rock bottom price, incorporating features you never thought you wanted, but will most likely find a use for. My board (was my first build) has been solid for 5 years now, and instructions were better than most. I have a board where you add a daughter card and can upgrade the socket type. The only downside I found is that you should buy the add-on board very close to when you buy the mobo, as they tend to get sparse after a while.

This instant on concept has an appeal, I can see how this "modified hibernate" mode would be uselful over standard hibernate (which until my latest laptop has always made the computer wonky when coming alive again). I like the idea of a clean boot, and still having hibernate speed. If they say it is different than normal hibernate, I believe them.

If you want a killer rig, or even the budget badass, they may not be the first choice. But if you want something out of the ordinary, or special, or an uber-cheap rig that will be stable and do a good job, ASROCK is an under-recognised company that deserves a look.


"There's no time like the future."



Instant Boot makes the virtual post-it notes in Window 7 look exciting.


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



I dont quite understand the importance of 3-4 sec boot up times.  I leave mine on all of the time, and reboot it once a month for updates.  but I guess we all have our pet peeves.

Neat idea though.



Wow... I'm glad Asrock has finally caught up to the past!!


Been using the S3 state on our computers for the past three years.  Simple... set your BIOS for S3, set your power options.

End of story.


Best to install your OS after setting the BIOS.. but works either way.



That youtube video makes me LOL OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!! 



So you Laughed Out Loud OUT LOUD?



Yes, I have somewhat of a little philosophy.  How many times on the internet when somebody says "lol" do they actually laugh out loud?  I would be willing to bet it is actually rather small percentage.  Therefore, when you actually do laugh out loud while sitting at your computer, it is a lol out loud.....don't ask.



The article summed it up. The system is basically just put in standby mode ... so this is something you can already do. It's not truly shutting the system completely down and back on in 3-4 seconds.

Dont get what all the hype is anyways. 


Either I:

A: Just leave my rig on.

B: Put it in sleep or hibernation

C: If completely shut down, I just turn it on and walk away.



Great feature AsRock, i'll consider you in my next motherboard purchase. what model is this motherboard?






If this technology was proven to work without any serious drawbacks (accumulation of said "garbage") it would get me to buy an ASRock Motherboard.


For now though, I'll stick with my new i7 based system (parts arriving Monday!)

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