Enermax Pushes For 90%+ Efficiency Power Supply Rating



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"you cannot achieve Absolute Zero for any given material (under current understandings of the way our unvierse behaves) due to Heisenberg and his uncertainty principle."

 actually its due to NATURE, hesisenburg only recognized a pattern. he didnt create a science.



I certainly don't know if this is true, but physics suggests that as things become more efficient (heat is a measure of energy loss).  So if psu's become more efficient, the thermal budget will go down.  This is particularly needed when building custom hardware where ventilation is not always available, or at the expense of form factor encasements. It may cost a lot now, but one would think the trickle down effect here.  Commercial applications primarily, then more home types.  My thoughts at least. 

If you liked the Elegant Universe by Brian Greene, you'll love the Endless Universe- Beyond the big bang theory by Paul Steinhardt and Neil Turok.



You are correct.  That whole energy cannot be created nor destroyed
thing.  If it is 90% efficient that 10% has to go somewhere (heat).  To
be 100% efficient you have to be at absolute zero, no heat in the
system anywhere, -273.15 degrees C, I wonder how much over clocking one could do with THAT



You don't need to have a lack of heat in the system, you just need to not add any to the system.  Superconductors pass current with no loss, without being at absolute zero (though all our currently discovered ones still need to be kept really cold.  Best we have has to be kept at -135C to superconduct.).



No the previous poster was correct.  A "superconductor" is not 100% efficient conductor.  There is loss of efficiency (waste heat) generated by a superconducting material.  Depending on several factors in the manufacturing process of said conductor and the physical properties of a superconducting matrix, the loss to heat may be as much as 1/1000th of a percent and the material still allow the flow of electrons without electromagnetic interference.  

What you are refering to is an operable superconductor.  These superconductors operate with a very very small margin of loss but they are not an ideal superconductor.  Ideal superconductors do not exist for the same reason that reducing the temperature to absolute zero (Ideal Zero) or building an Idealy rigid structure is not possible under our current technology or understanding of the way the universe behaves. 

In the latter case the Ideal rigid structure cannot be created as it would violate ideal speed of light.  Given an Ideally rigid structure 299277kilometers in length (one light second):  Put a laser and a photocell on either end of same.   Place the structure in an Ideal vacuum.  Place a strain guage or other device for detecting vibrations in a structure at the photocell end of the structure. Simultaneously fire the laser in a one pico-second burst and tap the Ideally rigid structure with a hammer at the same end as the laser.  The result will be that either the strain guage needle moves at the exact same instant as the photocell registers the laser burst or the strain guage registers ahead of the photocell.  In either case you just violated current known limit on speed of light in an Ideal vacuum AND Causality.  Event happened before the Cause.

In the former case you cannot achieve Absolute Zero for any given material (under current understandings of the way our unvierse behaves) due to Heisenberg and his uncertainty principle. Remove all of the heat from a particle so that it does in fact meet the rerquirments for absolute zero.  Now two things are known about that particle that Heisenberg says may not be known about the same particle.  Its velocity (speed along a given vector) is zero.  Also we may derive its current position very accurately.  Heisenberg came to the conclusion that at a quantumn level it was impossible to know both values Δx and Δp for any given particle based on the Fourier Transform for that particle. 

[X,P] = XP - PX = iħ

Heisenberg postulates that it is not possible to know both about a given particle in a given system to a high degree of certainty.  If he is correct then Ideal zero is forbidden to the observer. 

What an operable superconductor actualy does is reduce the resistance of the flow of electrons through the medium to "nearly" zero.  Basically it ligns up the atoms in the material lattice in such a fashion that no matter which vector through the medium the electro travels, the path the electron takes it is not absorbed/retransmitted or reflected by the material.  Another way of saying this is that the Index of Absorption of the material is very close to unity and the Index of Refraction is very close to zero



It certainly does seem like it will be challenging as PSU's try to get closer to 100%.  Maybe a mitigating method is to somehow take the heat (and sound) generated from all the other components and convert it into electricity to feed the components---I guess that kind of sounds like perpetual motion with little kick of joy-juice from the wall socket. Heck...why not just have fuel cell PSU's.  It's intriguing what one's imagination can gin up. Cheers!



Booger's are Green.





I love my Country.I fear my Government.



But hmm. I have a Corsair 750TX, and to be honest, its serving me quite fine. The only thing I'd rather spend more money on, would be a 1000 to 1200W Modular PSU, because with the antec 900, theres way to many cables. It'd be nice if they had a "Cable Effeciency Rating" lol.



With a $290 price tag for the cheapest model (running at 850-watts), it seems a bit steep.  I mean, how many months would it take of use before you actually recouped your investment on that kind of price?  Sure, I spent $130 on my current power supply, but given the choice of $150 more on a power supply or towards a better videocard, and the choice for me becomes much more clear.

I guess this is for the people who want to save the planet when they have too much money to begin with.



It may seem like a marketing gimmick on first pass, but that's legitimate energy savings.  It's probably greener than Western Digital's "green" hard drive line (which seems more like a gimmick to me).



Aside from that, what the hell are you gonna do with 6 GPUS!??



The article doesn't say anything about 6 GPUs - I'm guessing you got that from the picture.  I wouldn't run 6 GPU's, that'd be stupid.  It's kinda dumb to claim you're saving the environment and then run 6 power-sucking beasts. :P  I'm kinda curious how much time it would take this thing to "pay for itself" in terms of the extra cost v/s energy savings, though.



Those slots don't fill themselves, ya know!






dual Tri-SLi (one for each monitor)?



why not just hex SLI? since there is multimonitor support for multimonitor now, if one monitor needed more processing power then it could use 4 or 5 GPUs :)

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