Energizer USB Battery Charger Could Compromise Your PC



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Bunny jokes aside, this is quite serious.

Had I bought one of these chargers, I wouldn't even thought of denying access as I would think it's part of the program - cuz hey, why would Energizer tries to install malware on my machine.  Guess I was wrong - they need to take a seriously look at their HR department of software contractors. 

Someone has to pay for this serious negligence.



How come it took so long?  None of the security software, free & paid, were able to detect it all these time?



We all know bunnies wanna bump uglies to reproduce more bumpin bunnies, but who woulda ever thunk that the E-bunny was trying to bump you! With easter around the corner and the pink E-bunny still keeps going and going and going, makes me wish them little AAA's had a vibrate feature! This is a sad day knowing pink bunnies could be our enemies. Bastages.....

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