End of Runway for Flight Simulator



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The Flight Simulator games were awesome. It was the reason i was obsessed about becoming a pilot in the early years of my life :)



Not every gamer out there likes the "slow" FSX. But I LOVE! FSX and the
Flight Simulator line. It's not about the scenery or the graphics, though I empty my piggy bank making it faster, It's about a legacy of a true American product. I got my first FS when I was in middle school. I've
owened every version since 95, today i'm a professional real-world pilot. When I
need to practice an instrument aproach or depature i always came back to the
life-like feel of this simulator. I'm shock at this move from MS, but i'm also
optimistic about the future, because i guarantee you FSXI will come out, just
later than we planned. For now FSX will keep testing the most up-to-date
systems. Not all games are about killing or capturing a flag, some "games"
inspire the world to fly.

There are so many companies (SimMarket, Flight1, Aerosoft, LVL-D, VATSIM and
thousands more) that need Flight Simulator, trust me they wont let the franchise

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Pardon me, but who are any of you to dictate what is fun?  I'm sure you get kicks from some stuff people would think you're an idiot for liking, same as anyone.

If the program sells, which it did, that's what matters.



 Great... layoff from a division everybody appreciates if not likes. They SHOULD be laying off the morons responsible for office 7.


"There's no time like the future."



if you care about flying properly, learning about navigation, procedures, airplane systems, etc. Although it's not everybody's gravy but many do really get into it, it's not really a game, it's a hobby all of its own. There is an entire ecology of third-party developers and hardware manufacturers that I'm sure the hobby will live on even if there is no more FS.

I got my first FS when it was made by subLogic, for the Commodore 64. So it's kind of sad to see the end of the line, but at least FSX is a very good sim and we still have X-Plane and Flightgear.



 Anyone who buys this simulator as a game is looking in the wrong places for fun. However, aircraft and flying afficionados are right at home with FSX, and its predecessors.  It has a very large following in the VATSIM style community, and even new pilots in training. Its accuracy and realism are unsurpassed in the flight simulator market. These products have always been at the top of their game, taxing even the highest end of computer builds. It's a shame to see this line be shut down, if it is a permanant decision.



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I agree, these programs arent a game, going along with the notion that if you could possibly learn something applicable to the real world, it's not a game. I do however feel that if it's what you're looking for, it can be an immense source of enjoyment. I mean, i dont want to play every day, but every once in a while, I just want to do something kinda realistic rather than run around a post-apocalyptic DC.

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I got FSX when it came out. it was fun for about a week, then got INCREDIBLY boring. I'm sorry it just is. honestly every flight felt like a slow trip through google earth. the missions were ok but the free flight was so boring. beyond a niche audience I think the flight sim is dead. unless they decide to mound 6 50 cals on my cessna or put sidewinders on my learjet I wont be buying a new version (If there even is a new version).

just flying around is boring, period.

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