Employee Misconduct, Social Networks, and Mobile Media Are Big Three IT Security Risks, Survey Says



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Mighty BOB!

We have an annoying, persistent, autorun.inf trojan (and dozens of variants) on my college's school computer lab network that copies itself to all portable USB keys and hard drives.  I just keep vigilant about it and manually delete it if it manages to get on my portable media.  I also have autorun completely disabled on my home computers.

Really, staying vigilant, practicing safe habits, using that thing called common sense, and running a few good defense applications keeps it rather boring on the war front.

Now my roommates' computers on the other hand... Those are no-man's lands that I'm technical support for.

Gah. >.>



My 17 yr. old and myspace.  Effectively bogged it down so bad I couldn't do anything with it in safe mode even.  At one point the task manager wouldn't even come up.  I assume that was intentional to keep me form closing the program that was running the pop ups.

 Then my father in law got suckered by one of those bogus anti virus jobs.


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