Email Security Firm Warns of Fake Outlook Alerts



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Hg Dragon

I started seeing this back in September/October last year. Thought it was kind of funny personally. Luckily, most of our users are pretty well "trained" and the couple of users who got this forwarded it on to us so we could let everyone else know it was a fake.

Junk like this sucks for IT and support people, but I still find it interesting in how it works, what it does, etc. One of my personal favorites is one of the variants of the AntivirusXP/2003/Pro scareware that fakes a Windows BSOD. I bought it at first myself the first time I saw it, but realized right after that I shouldn't be seeing it at all since I was connected to the infected machine vis VNC. Hell, it even bounced the screen resolution down and faked the WinXP logo loading screento make it more "authentic."



 that's nothing, my brother infected my laptop with a fake av that basicly said everything was infected and blocked it.

AVira anti virus, ie, fire fox, ccleaner, i had to do a clean and sweep from my admin account his user account was toast

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