Elpida CEO Puts His Brave Face On, Expects DRAM Market to Recover



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Wow guys... those are helpful comments.  Prices will go up, down or stay the same (of course).

Or... price a Ferrari the same as a Corolla.  That'd be nice.



I predict 1 of 4 things will happen.

1: DRAM prices go back up - sucks for the customers because it costs more.

2: DRAM prices stay the same - great for the customers because it costs less

3: DRAM prices go down and a few of the DRAM makers will go out of business and then the shortage of DRAM will cause it to go back up in price to what people are willing to pay for it - still good for the customer because the price stays somewhat cheap

4: DRAM prices go down and the government steps in and forces them up hurting customers, competition, quality of the products and making all the customers pay more taxes to lower there ever increasing debt - bad for the customers because not only does DRAM cost more but now there taxes are higher


Personally I hope #2 or #3 happens. Nothing lasts forever. Eventually a company dies.


Keith E. Whisman

They need to start producing 4 and 8GB sticks of DDR3 and sell them for what the 2GB sticks are currently priced at.

They need to produce awesome products that people will want, not just the same basic crap every day. 

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