Electronic Arts CEO: Creativity Can Pay Off, But We're Still Not Sure About Publishing Brutal Legend



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CEOs of publishing companies SHOULD NOT be making calls about game desgin unless there on the team. This company is a JOKE. They are BAD for the industry and we would all be better off without them. Screw EA they suck!



Still a huge risk financially. I can see what he's worried about. From what I've seen it may only appeal to a relatively small market. Not to say it won't be a great, creative game. But that's not what keeps businesses alive to make more games. Maybe do Digital Distribution only?



If EA wants to be in a "Risk Free" business, they need to start a septic service, or something. 

What other "Risk Free" businesses are there?  Mortitian, Pornographer, crooked CPA, tastless Adam Sandler movies...

I bought Grim Fandango, still own it. 

If it had the DRM Spore does, I wouldn't be able to use it, because I've had it on [and uninstalled it from] 6 computers. 

I never thought to try to copy it.



Ever since reading about it in Game Informer, I've been looking forward to this title.

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