Electronic Arts Announces Another Round of Layoffs



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Dane Henson RF

Yeah, i'm pretty much done with EA, but its a shame to see people in the industry losing jobs.

And also where the heck is all this hate for Steam coming from haha, can't we all just get along?



Gee, hate for DRM that you have to ask nicely if it will let you use software you alread "own"? I've had plenty of times when steam won't run without an update, and can't manage to update itself. Just because there exists a DRM scheme that some can tolerate, doesn't mean there won't be plenty of stream hate.



I've been using Steam for about three years now and never had an issue where a game wouldn't launch. Don't get me wrong, there have been buggy games but I've never had an issue yet where Steam itself was the culprit.

And as for the client itself, sure it would be nice to see an update with a new UI but the old one does its job just fine IMO. But then again I'm not one of those people that uses Steam as a social network. All I really need for it to do is launch my games.



+1. I've had my share of issues with steam. The steam client looks "unprofessional" (especially the file system browser windows) and is pretty clunky. The steam website looks alright and fairly often, much to my dismay, the modified web browser that is the steam client fails to display it.

I despise games that have LAN play but have to connect to Steam first to enable it. Having to have access to the largest of all WANs to allow 3 computers to play on my tiny LAN is bogus.



While I hate to see people lose THEIR jobs because of the management's decisions, I can see why this is happening. Perhaps EA has gotten a little too big for its britches and needs to be knocked down a peg or two. Then maybe they will pull their heads out and get down to business.

I personally won't buy any EA games because of Origin. But not for the reason you might think. The reason is that it DOESN'T WORK PROPERLY! Origin basically "ate" my copy of Mass Effect 3. I had it installed on my machine, then I got a new one. Popped in the disc, entered the serial number and was greeted by "this serial number has already been used"! YOU DON'T SAY?! No big deal, I'll just re-download it right? WRONG! I can't re-download it because it doesn't show up in My Games! EA has NO SOLUTION for it except to first unzip SEVERAL gigabytes of files, then copy them here and there and cross your fingers! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE, EA! I'm NOT spending 60 bucks on a game that just "disappears" when I upgrade hardware and reinstall! I would LOVE to play Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3 but I'm not taking a $120 gamble on Origin! Hell, even Ubisoft's Uplay works right for me and it's not even CLOSE to being Steam. BUT AT LEAST IT WORKS!

Funny thing is, my first Steam game was Half-Life 2. If I want to install it and play it guess what? I just click "Install" and soon I'm blasting Combine and head crabs! BECAUSE STEAM WORKS!! If EA thinks they're going to REALLY compete with Steam, they've got a long road ahead of them!

And Warrior, I don't know what you're smoking, but those "Old @ss" games like Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite were downloaded, activated and ready to play on STEAM the day they were launched! Seriously bro, say no to drugs! Crack is wack!



I wonder how many of these layoffs will be top management...



Not enough to really effect what ails EA I'm afraid. It's always the poor slobs busting their humps trying to do a good job that get axed. The clueless managers get a promotion for all their forward thinking cost cutting.
IMHO EA's problems come down to this, too many non-gaming suits, not enough gamers in touch with what gamers want. And I don't expect that to change any time soon, so expect another round of "realignment" some time next year.



It's no big surprise this was going to happen; EA is one of the worst companies in the US you know.

Regardless, I feel sorry for the folks who got laid off: they have to pay for a company's faults.



Well I can't say that I'm surprised. I bet this is some money saving scheme to make it look like the company is doing well and to get even more Sheep to buy their stock.
Don't buy stock from EA. Do the smart thing: invest elsewhere. Only then can we break the back of ungodly awful DRM that Origin and EA forces on gamers.



I don't take pleasure watching people loose their jobs, but as a company EA kind of had it coming. EA is essentially the evil empire of the gaming industry. They stand as an example of corporate culture gone horribly wrong. I hope that they have enough understanding of why they are so despised and lay off those responsible for so many botched opportunities.

Hate on Steam all you'd like but they continue to do mostly the right things, and for a lot of great reasons. I'm not going to fan-boy this so far to say they are Tron-like in fighting for the users, but at least Steam appears to have the users in mind when rolling out functionality, features and digital rights.

EA appears to us users to have profit and DRM in mind at every turn. This publicly-facing appearance will be incredibly detrimental to the company for years to come.

I expect them to roll off a few development studios under subsidiary names to attempt to alleviate this perception. It takes a few great gestures to overcome such stigma, but it is possible.



Like many readers here, I have a lot of issues with EA. One of the biggest ones is the way Origin is managed and designed without much thought - if any - for the user experience and without much attention to adding features that might bring the user back for something else other than booting up BF3.

Steam, while not perfect, is constantly searching for new and innovative features to draw in users and to provide reasons other than DRM to access the platform. Origin is more like "Games for Windows".

Origin really did have the potential to be a great competing platform to Steam, but the entire Origin team whiffed it. I hope the change in management of that team will see a more user-focused, innovation-centered platform designed to bring value to the PLAYER, instead of bringing value to EA, with the player an afterthought.

I don't really believe this will happen, but it would be cool if it did.



Nail meet Head.

@ Warrior - Biceps follows up w/ reasons behind his opinion. your's is just a rant... Can you please elaborate? Also... You're plain wrong about old games. Steam always seems to be selling the latest hotness... Bioshock Infinite is a recent example.



100% agreed with you Biceps.

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