Eizo Announces First 23-inch Glasses-Free 3D Monitor



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sounds incredible but look;despicable. It looks like they stuffed layer of 3D screen atop of main screen, that's why it's so thick. or ...



Maybe it's just me. But I get motion sickness from watching 3D television for just 5 minutes.


Peanut Fox

That monitor is totally not ugly or anything.  I can't wait to put one of those on my desk.  Man.  Just look at that thick sexy bezel.



We don't need 3D.

Screen images might be flat (like in video games), but our eyes and brain can percieve the third dimension without the glasses and "popping out". How is it that you can tell in a game like Call of Duty: Black Ops that your rifle is sticking out farther than your body, even though the screen is flat? It's because of perception. The gun isn't really in any different of a position than everything else in the screen.. it's not sunken into the monitor. It's at the same depth that everything else is. Your eyes see the shape of the screen, they see the shadows, and our brains do the "math" for us. No glasses, gimmicks, or expensive hardware required.



I picked up a pair of the Nvidia glasses a while ago and have used them a fair amount.  They add quite a bit that isn't automatically translated by your brain.  Yes, we can percieve 3D images as 2D and interpret them... just as we can walk around the street fairly well with one eye closed.

The 3D effect does make a significant difference in the perception of the games.  L4D2 is pretty amazing.



Can we please just kill 3D already? It's retarded, and at 10% of the poulace cannot see 3D images anyhow.



and it may be glasses-free.   But it's ugly as all get out.



+1. Almost looks like a widescreen CRT. No thanks.

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