EFF Joins The Fight For Seized Domains



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Chicago,and greater area has turned into a phuckn shi!!@#hole! I could name at least 7 towns turned into a giant craphole that my family has moved out of. Schools don't even think of sending your kids  to them with the savage animals, and their stupid culture. Had a punk filthy Native Indian pull a gun out on me this fall on my way to work. OH I was riding my bike too, soo I must have looked the part too right? Off the the record a former ICE agent told my exFBI friend that Chicago is a safe haven city. That they can't go hit Chicago, because of Mayor Daly has a deal in place to not raid Chicago. I'm ssooooo

glad ICE is going to let parts of the US turn in 3rd world mud hole that looks like Berlin in 45!


The best bet is move to Europe,AU,NZ, Japan,or Canada because if ICE is going for websites instead of getting rid of savage Natives the country is LOST to us!!!! 


Frank N Beenes

This is why I stopped getting the magazine.  For those wondering what the EFF is, since its not defined anywhere, Electronic Frontier Foundation...

Based in San Francisco, EFF is a donor-supported membership organization working to protect fundamental rights regardless of technology.


Farewell forever from Frank n Beenes...........Peeace



Wow are you dumb.



The US needs a better way for the supreme court to review laws and policies and decide if their unconstitutional. This business of waiting for a case to come up and having ICE run amok for a year is ridiculous.



A case needs to put into the system and they have to agree to hear it.  That is a long process and vast majority of cases never get that far.  It will make it's way through the courts, but it will take time.



Holly Golightly

It is a total violation of our first amendment right. But that is capitalism for you. Money interests before people. Truly a damn shame. I really do hope they win this case. It is sad how the "United States of Europe" can just freely shut down any foreign website it feels like. When will the courts and copy-right holders understand that the internet is the future. It is great that more and more people my age are cutting the cable cord. The law is in dire need of updating. How ancient and primative we go after people who post on something that is far more conveinent... One day, people will be able to access every thing on the internet without being tide down to their classic cable boxes. I say, on with the progression!



Agreed, if there’s a loophole in the law, fix the law.  But lets be honest, it’s really no different than a “fence”.  Sure, he doesn’t actually steal from you, he’s just “the middle man” too.  Legally, for now, there MAY be a difference, but ethically and morally there is none.  And seeing as laws should be based on ethical and moral judgments of right and wrong, then fix the law to reflect that.  Next.

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