ECS to Throw Down with a 990FX Motherboard of Its Own



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I don't like ECS and PC Chips motherboards are absolutely horrible.  Why would I buy an ECS board when I could buy an Asus board? Or an MSI or Gigabyte board?

I plan on getting Bulldozer when it comes out and you can be sure as hell I won't be rockin an ECS board.  98% chance it will be Asus :)



I used to work for a wholesale Motherboard PC. I used to sell ECS and PC Chips motherboards to computer shops. ECS was a decent budget board with good performance. I used a Athlon XP+ for years on their board. I was even able to do a AMD upgrade on it. Thats going back 10yrs. 


Keith E. Whisman

The waiting is killing me, just when in the heck is Bulldozer going to come out anyway? I want to see just how it compares to Intel's best. I just have a bad feeling that Bulldozer is taking too long and by the time it does come out, it wont be any competition to Intel at all. 



July I think? Anyway I agree and I hope it's worth the wait too. I've seen some supposedly leaked docs showing the new bulldozer cpus outperforming the 2600k, but I'll believe it when I see it first hand.



Dont worry, it'll be worth the wait. :D



I hope so.

It won't prevent me from buying AMD for future builds though if it doesn't perform as well as we all hope. Will just be a little sad.

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