Eco Media Revolution MP3 Player Will Wear You Out



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 I'd see this as a great backup for when my regular player runs out of power. and/or keep it in the car for those emergencies where you need a quick cell charge, or... you know...need emergency personal music.


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oi,i say u would only use this if yur in a really really long black out.



Ok all this eco nonsense is getting ridiculous. I mean an mp3 player that you have to hand crank? A pc you have to hand crank? Green computing initiatives...I mean come on. I know Al Gore invented the internets and all but this is getting ridiculous. His silly little movie has infested every entertainment genre out there. What's next "green gaming". Sheesh



Al Gore did not invent the "internets" lmao



The only real application that I see for this whole going green by making me sweat my butt off to use a device (not to say that's what this mp3 player is by any means) is how they have those stationary bikes hooked up to TVs and the like to power them. I personally think that's actually a cool method of getting people a bit more in shape and a bit more "green" if you will. I'd never hook my computer up to one of those because I wouldn't want to get tired and lose all my work, but just having my monitor hooked up to something that I had to exert physical effort to use would at least force me to combine exercising with something I actually enjoy doing.



Seems like a novel idea but that thing is way too big for me to actually consider it.


Talcum X

 Gives new meaning to "Sweatin' to the Oldies"


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