EBay to Ban Google Checkout



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Google Checkout does need some work.  I use it quite a bit myself.  I've used paypal as well and I've been hosed using paypal before too.  I don't see why you can't just keep it as an option.  Sellers can stipulate how they will take payment.  If they don't want to accept payments from Google checkout than they don't have to.  Really how much harm is it?  The whole thing just seems like a way for ebay to eliminate its competition. 



I've used Google Checkout several times, usually when shopping at buy.com, and had no problem with it at all.  I much prefer it to PayPal, but then again I've never tried to send anyone money though it.  As an Android user, I regularly use Google Checkout to buy apps on the Android market, so I'll be very disappointed if the service goes away.



There is a rather large vendor of cable's that didn't have much luck of late keeping their site secure.  So now when I shop with them they have the Paypal or Google option, and given the pure hell I went through with PayPal was, I'll stick with Google.  

These days I tend to be more concerned with whom gets my CC number.  Google Checkout or Amazon Payments seem fine; anything related to eBay or PayPal I'll pass thanks.  My only complaint with Amazon payments is that it would be nice to be able to apply AZ giftcards into that system.  Then you could use Amazon giftcard balances to buy anything from any vendor that supported Amazon payments.  I'm not holding my breath though.  

Were I a vendor, I'd offer as many options as I could since you'll always run into the few customers like me who won't use PayPal, or some like the folks above who will want it over Google checkout.  



Yay!  Monopolies and lack of choice are awesome! THANK YOU EBAY!

When a yahoo account I only used for ebay was haxxored resulting in hundreds of dollars looted through Paypal, I found the customer service at every other company involved in the fiasco a million times better than what I had to go through with Ebay and Paypal.  My bank?  No problem.  The e-store where my funds were used to buy merchandise?  No problem.  Ebay and Paypal?  Took weeks.  I horrible experience where I, the customer, was guilty until proven innocent.  

I haven't used Ebay or Paypal since.  Ebay no longer has the coolness it had 8-10 years ago.  Who needs Ebay other than dumb consumerists, pack rats selling useless junk, and supposed VATs.  Forget it.  Imagine your life without Ebay.  Imagine your life without Paypal.  Enjoy.



well aren't you just a jolly ray of sunshine?



I've used Google Checkout once and it was a complete disaster.  The billed me wrong, delayed my order and never refunded the overcharges. 



When were we ever able to use Google Checkout as an option in eBay?  I'd love to not pay the 3% fee PayPal charges on top of the already-high eBay fees.



If you ever read the TOS and the seller agreement for eBay it already states that sellers can only ask for and accept certain payments and Google Checkout has never been one of the options. This is nothing more than a monopolistic move meant to force users to use PayPal so eBay can extort more money from their users.



I would rather stick with Paypal. For one thing, Google checkout is a pain. The other is that my GMail account OVERFLOWS with verifications, more verifications, "How do you like our service?" surveys, you name it.

  Stick to paypal.

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