Early Problems with Windows 7 Beta Keys



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on 1/9. While it was downloading I clicked on the link to get a key. It did give me some error (can't recall it exactly) that stated there was a problem. It suggested logging off and then log back on. As I was downloading, this seemed stupid. As I have the slower DSL, I just went to bed. This morning at approx 11:00am I clicked on the link for the key. It made me log back in, as my session had timed out. I rec'd the key, and it worked.

So if the original posters did as I did, they'd have gotten an error.

There is also an update listed on the Win 7 download page, KB 961367. After I loaded Win 7, it did an update, and the above KB wasn't listed or installed. I had downloaded it to a thumbdrive. I inserted the USB drive, Win7 saw it right away. Double clicked on the update, and it loaded fine.

Overall my initial impressions are very good. On an Intel E8400 cpu, things seem to move along nicely. But admittedly, I've not done much with it other than basic surfing, and mucking around. My initial impression thus far is not bad. 



Sheesh....they can't even get the Beta rolled out correctly....gee I can't wait to see what else they ....forgot how to do....is anyone even there at MS...the lights are on...but.....



Never mind, I will learn to read more.



it is quick and sleek I haven't used it too much yet but I have noticed poor connection speeds over the LAN but other than that is is great!

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