Early Chrome Adopters Reverting Back to IE, FF



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There was only 1 thing that made me switch back to firefox: Extensions. Without adblock and gmail notifyer, I dont know how I would live (or know when I get emails :P)


Pentium 0

I was using it for a while and it was great but then it started crashing and also crashing my pc... braught my reliability score down from 10 to 5... Maybe they have it fixed now?



I used it for a few days but uninstalled it --- just like Safari. Because of a few security issues.

I think Google made this Browser for their own marketing purposes.

Firefox works fine for me. Even though no browser is perfect.



I liked the "most visited sites" home page, but that wasn't enough to get me to give up the FF Awesome bar for long.  The google search address bar is ok.



For me it was the lack of extensions that got me back fo FF. That and I really didn't see the huge speed boost on Chrome. I mean pages load fast enough with FF in my opinion.



Couldn't copy/paste either inside a tab or between tabs. That was my deal breaker.



Huh?  What do you mean by that?  I can search "cookies", copy text from one of the results and then open a new tab and run a Yahoo search for the copied text.

Could you specify what Clipboard issues you're having?  I'm a bit lost, as it seems to me anyway that it handles Clipboard operations normally.



"The data also has brought to light another peculiar trend: usage of
Google’s browser shoots considerably in the evening and wanes during
working hours."

People use Chrome in the evening at home, but not when they are at work or school during the day, when they likely can't.  How is this peculiar?



I agree. When people are working, they are usually using machines their company's tech department put together, and I sure wouldn't want to depend on a beta program to get my company's work done. I won't even install beta software on my home pc. As for people at work, their lucky if they get firefox. Maybe Chrome will take off if it ever makes it out of beta.



I'm simply waiting for them to add the Firefox extensions I can't stand to be without.

"Ass so fat that you can see it from the front" -- Mos Def



it's not that it's not badass. i think that people are going back because its not fully developed yet. Once they get everyting figured out and put together Chrome is gonna be one awsome browser.

 who knows if they will beat out firefox but we'll see


Andrew Perkins

I am one of those early Chrome adoptors that moved back to FireFox after playing with the browser for a couple of weeks.

My reason for doing so is likely not to be different from that of others: lack of extensions and important features. I can't access my RSS feeds and I don't have my extensions I use everyday.

None the less, I still use Chrome on occasion, when I know I am not planning on using these features I rely on FF for... if, for example, I am going to be visiting some PHP message boards, I'll stick with Chrome because of its significantly faster loading times.

Chrome has (so far) won me over. Once the features I crave are available, I will likely be moving straight to it....



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