Early Benchmarks Show Firefox 4 Beta is Still Slow



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I've been using FF since it was released.  I haven't found a reason yet to use Chrome.



I have been using both FF and Chrome for some time now. There are pluses for both browsers and I don't see myself leaving either browser.

Chrome is a fast browser, great for every day use, but it does have restrictions and some extensions are missing that only FF can provide.

FF is more of a tool for me, I use it for specific purposes and Chrome in it's present state can not provide the functionality that I get through FF and it's extensions.

On the other hand, if I want to surf in a quick and efficient manner, then Chrome is the browser for me.

With both browsers, I haven't even touched IE in over a year now and I probably never will again.

So count me in as a dual user.



dont want to start a fight here. But also notice that Chrome uses much more resources from your computer. This could also affect the browser speed.



This is about where I am in terms of having Firefox and Chrome on my own computer. Chrome lacks some functionality that Firefox has, and Chrome is better in the speed department (but worse in the compatability department than Firefox.


Ignorance is man's greatest enemy.



If I install this, do we need the next official client or this is as good to update when the official version will be release? TIA



I actually find that, aside from the occasional momentary hiccup, the Firefox 4 beta seems to perform better/faster than 3.6 does currently. This could just be perception rather than actual fact, however, since I can't very well run the two side-by-side at the same time, and I can't be buggered to try to set up any sort of test to see if there is indeed a performance difference in favour of the beta (that's what you guys are for, heh).

All in all though, I have to say I like the new features already in the beta and look forward to seeing what other features and improvements are added and made as development progresses.

I also like the interface improvements they've made, lthough I don't like the extra gap they made between the title bar and the menu bar when the menu bar is enabled, it seems unnecessary... Without themenu bar enabled it's more than acceptable.

@ibfreeekout, I'm guessing you must have a persona enabled and the menu bar disabled, then, I noticed that the buttons go missing under those circumstances as well. If you enable the menu bar, or disable your persona, the buttons will be there again where they should be, but they'll be gone again if you disable the bar or enable the persona again... I do hope Mozilla fixes that.



but I've slowly switched over to Chrome.  Its just too snappy with a very simple, clean GUI.  Firefox and Opera (which I've used since 2002) just can't compare in the speed department.



   Many bad things goin' to happen tonight. Running Firefox 4 beta is one of them.

Open a PDF?:


total lockup of Firefox. and no, none of the OTHER tabs were usable.
Had to pound on the close application button in Win7 task manager to
finally close Firefox.So much for crash protection.

Change the toolbar around? Sure, it's easy! Will the beta remember
your changes next time you open it? Not for me it didn't ( and I really
like the bookmark icon on the left, not the Chrome right.)

Even the feedback button and the WOT button just evaporated.

At least some add ons worked, WOT (before it vanished), firegestures,
search preview. Roboform was there but unreadable as the text and
background were both black (heh). Downloadthem all just hung.

Me, I would avoid this beta and tell others not to dabble with it

But to answer your question, inertia keeps me on Firefox. Just  enough frustrating things with Chrome that pulls me back. And for some reason withWin7 64 and text type turned up to 150%, Chrome lettering is blurry..




I used to be a devoted FF user, but I've since moved on to Chrome and haven't looked back. I had no trouble finding replacements for my FF addons, so no trouble there. FF just feels old and bloated while Chrome feels light and speedy. Not very scientific I admit, but it doesn't have to be. Perception is just that.

I've played around with the beta a bit, and at least it starts up a lot faster than 3.6. But most of my addon don't work, and it looks very Chromified. 



Chrome is king.  It's super fast, has the best UI and it's very stable.  Why do you think FireFox and Safari keep copying it?  Cause it's king!



You're joking right? Or maybe just high. Chrome wins that department handily, followed by Opera, always been that way mate sorry to bust the bubble.



Also for the massive Add-Ons.  I know Chrome has it but I am too use to Firefox.



I have IE8, Moz 3.6, Safari, Opera, and Chrome on my computer (for web development and etc...). I prefer Moz over the competitors still. I'm going to try out Moz Beta 4.0 here soon. :P



Quote http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/beta/features/, "Coming Soon Sync  Synchronize your settings, passwords, bookmarks, history, open tabs and other customizations across multiple devices so you can take Firefox with you wherever you go. Faster, Faster, Faster  Lazy frame construction, hardware graphics acceleration, more asynchronous I/O and the start of our JavaScript performance optimizations are just some of the things we're doing to make Firefox faster. New Privacy Controls  Makes it easier to know what info websites are gathering about you, what they can do to your computer and what they're allowed to know about you. OSX and Linux Themes  The new interface described above will soon be available for Mac and Linux users."



I use SRWare Iron and Opera 10.60


woop woop 


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I'm actually typing this from the Firefox 4.0 beta right now and I love it so far. The only two things I wish for it right now are the Close, Maximize, and Minimize buttons to be put in place, as well as support for extensions. I have noticed that the browser is faster than 3.6 personally and hope that it continues to get faster with new updates. I do like that it is taking a token out of Chrome's browser and putting the tabs on the top of the screen instead of underneath the menu and bookmarks bar.

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