EA Unleashes the Wrath of the Indies



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One question, HOW THE HELL IS EA INDIE?!?

Just wondering.



Just one word... Origin! "FAIL"



Just one word reply.... CORRECT!

One word replies aside, I think it's awesome that Forbes did an article on why EA is the worst company. I thought EA hatred was only within the gaming community.



EA isn't the greatest but I like Activision a lot less.



I’ve seen this posted on a few sites now, and so many comments are from uninformed tools looking for more glitter from gaming, than actual inspired development. Saying we’re taking gaming backwards solely based on graphics is a completely asinine statement and only goes to show you have actually no knowledge of how gaming works aside from button mashing to take out your rage deep down about being wholly inadequate.
As a person who has spent time in college for game development and worked personally with developers (major and ‘indie’), there is a lot more that graphics to a game. Minecraft, though I personally don’t really get in to, is an innovative game that several generations can enjoy for a variety of reasons. Battlefield 3, is a AAA niche game that even with huge sales only applies to a small percentage of gamers, and is unlikely to draw in gamers not previously interested in the genre.
Indie games ARE saving the gaming industry by bringing back thoughtful innovation and actually putting some heart into your game. Having FUN developing a game, instead of meticulously grinding your devs to meet a, usually unrealistic, deadline with elevated goals. 20 years ago, games were more innovative and creative, since nothing had really been done before. The original Final Fantasy series, the first generations of sports games, and pretty much everything else. Hell, Pong is still a challenge game since it is 100% user skill based with no fluff, regardless of the fact that this game had about as much fluff as it could get for the time. Old games still challenge many due to the difficulty present in them. Ever play Contra, R-Type, RoboCop, Battletoads?
If you’re just a mindless consumer, stop calling people like ‘Notch’ a hippie and go read a dictionary to expand your vocabulary some. ‘Notch’ may have been venting, but that doesn’t mean he was wrong. We just got an unedited glimpse of his feelings.
This isn’t to say I won’t be buying AAA and Indie games alike, but I buy for the game itself, not the developer. If EA puts out crap, I won’t buy it. If [random ‘indie’ group] puts out a gem, I’ll run at them screaming “Shut up and take my money!”
And specifically for ‘vrmlbasic’, you need to play more indie games if that’s all you see them as man. Like I said above, you appear to be judging a games worth by its graphics alone. You’re a genre of gamer that ‘AAA’ and ‘indie’ devs alike hate. They feel compelled to concentrate on graphics for fear someone like you, who couldn’t even do 1% of what they do, will flood the interwebz with negative comments on how they don’t like the graphics in a game, therefore it sucks. Do you even have a clue how expensive it is to get a license to use any of the engines to power a ‘modern’ title? Even some major devs have to think twice about using someone else’s engine. And since I’m sure someone will bring it up, it’s no cheaper or easier to develop your own. Especially with the rampant copyright wars all over. Someone is bound to copyright, “depicting realistic physics relationship using a predefined set of instructions in a 3d digital environment”… there you go, gaming industry ruined.
Minecraft has a role to fill in the gaming world regardless of what you think of it. As far as the ‘evil corporations’ go, yes, many of them are practically the definition of evil. It’s in the management and corporate level though, so I still won’t take out my angst on a whole brand in general based on the big wigs being slime. EA as a company is terribly flawed, but the devs slaving away in it are not to blame. Time has shown though, even the devs get tired of it and break off to start their own companies after enough abuse.
Rant over… I always post long since I tend to get it out of my system and forget about it in a day or two. Rage back all you want, good luck and enjoy your glitter games. I’m going to replay some Chrono Trigger and other SNES and 90’s era games.



Stop making sense, dude! Someone might call you a HIPSTER! or *GASP* maybe even a POSER! Then what will you do!?



Wow. I never expected EA to ruin anything.



Indie games are saving gaming? Almost every "indie" game I've seen has been a 2d platformer with "retro" graphics. The ones I haven't have just been slight expansions upon similarly old concepts (eg:DeathSpank/Diablo). Indie gaming looks like it's trying to take us back 20 years, is that really "saving" gaming?

I should note that when I tried minecraft, it was in no way a "game" (much like Terraria: no goals, no point. Just a big sandbox where you can die).

All of this hipster rage against the "evil corporations" is frustrating to me. For the most part, "evil" game corporations are saving us from a hell of unipressive indie retro games.



I'd much rather play an Indie game that may have been inspired by an older games than yet another sequel.

For the most part many of the Indy games that I've played recently have been much better supported than many of the big name games out there and at a fraction of the price.

I'm really past the point where shiny new 3D engines on top of a boring game impresses me. I'd much rather play a game with more originality and depth but with lesser graphics.

I've had more fun playing games such as Amnesia, Bastion, The Binding of Isaac, Braid and Limbo than any other big name title over the past few years.



Seriously hipsters, don't get your skinny jeans in a bunch over the name of a Steam bundle.



Before you write off people's frustration, try working for EA or coming to them with a legitimate complaint/issue with one of their products.



Not sure if trolling...

Don't really have a comment on the EA bundle, but I'd like to point out Minecraft isn't even "underground" anymore. A lot of people have heard of it, some areas have started adopting it for various purposes (school was one), and not to mention there's a wide audience that plays it (be it some four year old, college student, or some older people.)



You probably meant to say 1697.



Had my 6 & 9 backwards. Fixed.



I sometime have that problem to, but then I am like why am I staring at the wall while my wife's ass is pressed up against the back of my head? Of wait! Got my 6 and 9 backwards!

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