EA: Offline Single-Player Games Are “Finished,” Online Is The Way Forward



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Though my gaming days are almost completely over, the only gaming I have any remaining interest in is single player, non-connected, fire and forget the day games. When I can no longer play games by myself without any online component of any kind, I will truly be completely over gaming.

I guess, at 38, I am finally growing up. Haha.



this guy smoked too much weed!...



When was the last time EA innovated ANYTHING? I hope their banking on this being the trend because ied love to see them burn.



Prior industry wisdom has always been that most people don't bother with the multiplayer portion of the game.

I used to play multiplayer about ten years ago, but integrated voice chat and people taking everything too seriously or not serious enough have just made it no fun.

If I had more gamer friends I'd go that route, but I don't, so I rarely play multiplayer. I honestly wish more PC games would take advantage of multiple players on the same PC. Consoles offer this (split screen), but I even have two monitors, the machine is perfect for it! There's plenty of times someone has watched me play a game and I've wished they could jump on in!

I also hate it when a game with Deathmatch doesn't bother to include bots. Yeah, they're target practice most of the time, but they're a good way to learn how to play a game before you go online.




I never even play the single player portion of any of my games (COD, Battlefield, etc...).



All it means, is that EA, will hold back content for each game and make you pay for it.  It's just DLC in hiding.



The reason for rushing home is to get away from the a-h@#es I know, they really believe it's because I want to play with anonymous, on-line, a-h@#es at home?



As an old fart gamer, I just cannot even come close to real time anything that smacks of competition with live players. Even in WoW, which I play a TON, it is just me vs the environment.

 One of the other aspects that is strangely missing here is the computers AI. Every year, strides are made in giving just the RIGHT amount of resistance against the player. No one likes to get trashed EVERY SINGLE TIME they go online, nor do folks like a walkthrough. There is only a couple of ways to handle this. One is to match players abilities with a laddering system, or have the AI adjust to your level of compentency. The latter is much preferred as people are fickle. When folks are losing, they just log off. The computer has infinite patience...



Wow that is just bad for marketing. All the more reason to steer clear of EA games. Except Crysis 2. Crytek kicks ass!



Like the majority here, I really only play single player games. I really do not enjoy listening to people swear when you beat them, as I have small children and certain words are not allowed in my house. I also love racing games, but when I have tried to race online, there are always those that think the game is smash-up derby or something which is very aggrevating when you just want a clean race. I haven't bought anything from ea in a very long time because they always seem to release games that are full of bugs. Now, I have another reason to avoid them.



EA needs to just tell all thier employee to just keep on smoking that good sh*t. Cause when they open thier mouth only crap comes out of it. If wasn't for thier offline games I wouldn't even had bought any games from them this year (Dragonage, Masseffect 2).



That guy's an idiot.  There's definately a place for online games and multi-player but there's no way that every game can be made to be online only.  Sometimes I enjoy playing single-player games because I want to get away from all the idiots that play online.  I like games that I can play at my own pace and difficulty level.  I like being able to download mods and use cheat codes.

Perhaps if they spent more time on creating higher quality games then you wouldn't be done after 20-25 hours.  I have several games that I play through a few times before I quit, and eventually come back and play them again several months down the road.  Companies like Blizzard and BioWare are good examples of quality game producers.



I am the father of two small children, a husband to an outstanding wife, have a 60 hour a week job, and I've been playing video games since f*cking PONG. I've got about maybe 4 hours of game play time a week. I can't be bothered by getting my head blown off by some gamers who all they do IS game. I like single player RPG's, Shooters with MP options, the occasional Space Flight Sim when they come out. So this guy and other idiots like him can shove their online only ideas up their collective asses. I like to have fun when I have the opportunity to game, not get aggravated by l33t_G@m3r_Ph4G_99 for the hundredth time.



Maybe I play games to escape from the crushing masses of sociopathic asshats that seem so prevelent in our society. Guess what. More seem to come out with the anonimity that playing online provides.

To me, both Dragon Age and WoW have their places. I enjoy something like Dragon Age because I can take the time to develop the story as I want it to be. While WoW is great for mounting a raid with your friends and rush to the finish. They are both fantasy role-playing games but they are also vastly different. EA is best to remember not all consumers want the exact same thing.



I would have a really hard time trying to play competative online games. The reason: I'm on satellite. I live in the country. I don't have a hardline internet service. So the turn around time of me doing something in a game and it actually showing up on someone elses rig is substantial.

Especially if the weather is bad. That interfers with the satellite signals. I've been shutdown from the 'net because of rain, snow, heavy fog.

Anyway, looks like another reason to not buy EA.



I too have satellite internet.

Everything you described is the same for me. It will also be another reason for me to not buy EA (as if their archaic DRM wasn't enough reason).



That lady playing video game (above) is Jane Fonda's granddaughter and I know her !



You the MAN!!!





NOT A SPAM! Gah, I hate to post next to a spammer when a short link explains everything.



It's all a ploy to get more money from consumers. Funny, traditionally the way to get money from consumers was to not piss them off and give them products they actually want to buy.. guess those good ol' days are long gone. Good luck with your piracy problem, gaming industry. I'm sure this'll solve everything...





As always, Nathan writes an amusing and informative blurb. This guy is seriously funny. Of course EA means to extract more $$ from our pockets - but at least this hurts less than when the government Gestapo (aka RIAA controlled judges, politicians, and their minions) shake us down. Buying DLC because I want to is ok with me. As for the nervousness about losing everything when a site goes down, I think that GOG's position that they would provide a web site where everything could be downloaded before they closed their doors is the proper one.

Continuing to ramble - why can't the nerdy, net savvy folks like the guys at MPC get the @$#$%&! spam off their net?

And who is that introverted girl in Nathan's gaming blog! I must research life outside the mother-pod. Wait! Too...much...sunlight.....



If I recall, the Mass Effect series, and Dragon Age Origins, have both made EA a ton of money. And yet they say the future is in multiplayer. 

EA is only saying single-player once through games are done, is because they can't use their new EA Online Pass system to make a continuous profit on used games. Games that don't play online don't fit their new "marketing and cash-grabbing scheme" so that's why they are saying they are done with. 

I saw EA should keep looking at which games are popular, and which ones sell. If the single player games sell, then they should keep producing them.



I would love to see EA's sales just plummet, as much as the next person, by trying to make everything online, but I seriously doubt they'll be able to pull this off. Like icedearth said, both Mass Effect and Dragon Age (which I play and love both) made some good money, especially with their DLC. And they're single-player games.

It all really does boil down to, "how can we make the most money the fastest?" I'm nowhere near being close to being a fan of EA, but I'm fairly sure they're full of it on this one.



I'm in the Navy and can't always get on-line.  So they are going to doom us to no entertainment because they think the "Cloud" is better?!  I also disagree with purchessing a game that you don't own.  What if they discontinue it on-line and you want to keep playing?!  I still play old MS Dos, Windows 3.1, etc. games because they are awesome and a flash from my child hood.  With this new plan the new generation could never show their kids how awesome games were from there child hood.  I shall never support a vender who does this.  They want you to think Internet is always available but I can tell you IT'S NOT!!!



Right, and I'm sure "online services" will be spun to make it sound like they are doing you a favor: cloud based game saves so you can play anywhere!  automatic patch updates!  DLC (which you have to pay for BTW)!  When in fact it's just another method of them controlling how you use the product you purchased.  I salute CD Project and their DRM Free release of Witcher II.  I'll buy it as soon as I finish the first one, which I have but haven't gotten around to yet...



This must be his justification for making a crappy 4-5 hour single player portion of MOH.  I guess he figures...  "Why bother?  No one plays it anyhow.  Right? They just want to get to the online portion."  - Whoops, too bad that part sucked wind too.



I do agree about the amount of mouth breathers that seem to make up the majority of the multi-player crowd that I've run into, but I don't think that was the message.

He said "or on-line services". I think it's simply justification for where the industry is moving. From UBIsoft's DRM from hell to Blizzard's battle.net login for Starcraft II, even when only playing single player.

Only time will tell if any of the "on-line services" that EA adds to it's up coming titles will be worth the hassle of having to be on line when you play.



Not a big fan of all this online gameing stuff (with the exception of MMO.)

EA as usual have no clue what there We the shoppers want.

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