EA Modernizes Medal of Honor, Promises "Authentic" Modern Day Afghanistan



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This sounds great.  Not only after working all day here, I can play a game based on here.  I wonder if one of the characters is a Comms Contractor.  A whole level of just dodging stuff during a bad day on a FOB.


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... and now MoH has gone down the crapper. Nice job, EA!



Dice should stick to Battlefields, games I might actually buy.


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Dedicated servers? Yes, no?

Steam is fine by me, I got Star Wars KOTOR for $2.49 last week. In fact now that I think of it, I would prefer if they used steam as their DRM.

Of course if you don't like DRM you can wait 10 years and get it on Good Old Games. =) "OMG! MDK 2 just came out!"



We live in the days of cloud computing! Every client will serve as being part of a giant virtual(ized) cluster-server. Is that not what quad-cores and hex-cores and the oddles of memory they communicate with are for!?

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.



The modern warfare series has about as much realism as a game of snipe hunting. Weapon physics, environment, player physics, npc ai, all blow chunks, that sidearm draw and drop to prone and getting up again always give me a chuckle, though the graphics are pretty nice. Even the sound is wrong on most weps. (22 years in the miitary, i know). Sadly most of you wouldnt like the way real weapons sound, they aint sexy enough for ya.

 Lets hope someone can come up with a better war simulation by which to frag by. Can EA do it, we shall see.

And if it is tied to steam, forget about buying it, the mw2 series lost me when i needed to use steam to activate and use the game, what garbage.


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Hm. Well, I can't argue with your point, as I've never been in a war, not currently in the military, or ever fired anything in my life but a shotgun. However, I'm sure that we probably won't see realism of war in games for a very long, long time if ever.

Now, onto part two, why does everyone hate Steam so much? I love Steam, but I can't see why everyone rallies behind the nay sayers?



I love Steam as well. I'm not very fond of DRM but games on Steam makes it so much more bareable. I don't have to worry about what happens if I lose a disc. I don't have to mess with product keys. I don't have to go to the store to buy the game. And I can install it on my desktop, laptop, wife's laptop, wherever, and it doesn't give me any grief. Compare Steam to the debacle that was Bioshock, and I'll take Steam any day.



I have no problems with Steam either.  I have a ton of games I've bought through Steam.  A lot easier then trying to find time to get to a store.



I think its just because Steam had such a bad launch that the stigma stayed with it. The Server screen being buggy, friends list not working at all. It was way ahead of its time. These days, all the bugs (most) are worked out and its actually a very easy to use interface for all your gaming needs.



 Some people just can't get over it. Steam's launch was what, 7, 8 years ago? I think it's time to leave the past in the past!

 I love Steam. I don't think I'll ever buy a disc based copy of a game again!

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