EA Boss John Riccitiello Resigns Following SimCity Debacle



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Does this mean EA will stop ruining classics like Simcity and doing a roster update on their sports games and call it a new game?



Comments at this site make Arstechnica's article comments seem like Shakespeare and Voltaire in qualities of written skill and wit.



Thou art a twit.

Feel better?



Large corporate publishers frequently live on the "bad side of town". But I blame developers for taking their game and talent over there to that side. It's a 'get rich quick' mentality developers have once they see these high cash backroom "offers they can't refuse" that the publishers propose to them. Of course developers are in denial about this. For example, look at the developers of Minecraft for PC. How did they survive with out one of the Big 10 publishers? Yes, they were relatively poor for a long time. But patience and the will not to sell out made Mojang AB and Minecraft for PC what they are today.

If developers can't afford to pay orchestras and choirs for background music, use a keyboard to simulate. If they can't afford to hire teams of mathematicians and coders for an epic gaming engine, keep a handful on board and start out small.



You're assuming developers all want to do Minecraft-like projects. There are those developers who prefer assembling huge games requiring money and resources backing that rival even the largest Hollywood movies.

I don't want to play just "cute" Indie games. I want the full-blown gaming experience I get playing games like ME3, Far Cry series, Crysis series, etc. And the only way you're going to get that is from backers like EA, TakeTwo and Microsoft.



Hope the new person changes direction of new games. Single player games should NOT need to be online to be played, and developers should not be required to add online or 'social' features to their games as EA has been doing.



He's chosen his time well, by waiting until now he can a) reap the FULL value of his contract, and b) he can play the 'I'm the responsible one so I'll fall on my sword' card.

He's probably getting an additional payout by stepping down after the Simcity thing so EA/rest of industry doesn't have to address the bigger problem of DRM (They can be like 'this chapter is behind us, there is no core problem, just a few poor decisions and the responsible parties have been blah blah... BTW our next title will require a constant IC & continuous biometric verification to make sure no thieving pirate bastard is playing our game")



It's unfortunate how much greed is ruining companies like EA. In my opinion the nickel and dime model is killing the satisfaction people get from games. They release minor lackluster DLC's and want $10-15 a pop. Skyrim DLC's are an example of additional content that's worth every penny. If companies like EA and Activision would offer fewer DLC's that had more content of higher quality then maybe they would start to gain back customer support.

There are several other reasons why they're the most hated company but this is the one I chose to mention.



How many millions will he get in severance?

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