E3 Development Roundup



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If you follow EVE or gaming news at all, you'd have known about the link between Dust and EVE and generally how it was going to work for many months now.

Yay another Wii . . . now if only Nintendo could release a good game. 



While I'll admit the Wii wasn't what I hoped it would be, implying they haven't released a good game means you're not acknowledging Mario Galaxy, and that's like hating Pixar. :(

Again, there hasn't been enough, but if you weed out a lot of the crap, there's actually a surprisingly large amount of good material on the console at this point. It's just been probably the weakest leading SKU in any console war, and it's been slim pickings at any single point in the lifecycle. That said, if one were to jump on now you could easily walk away with 20 quality games, not all necessarily produced by Nintendo.

But, I do understand that there is a total lack of quality mature action titles.

While we use the 360 more in our household, that's almost 90% because of Netflix.



The Wii is the weakest in terms of hardcore games. But was/is the #1 selling console world wide.



PSP Vita is actually 0.5% bigger than the PSP 3000. Hmmm... wish they made it smaller. :( Hopefully the battery life is longer!


Other than that, whoa, they finally made it, did they? A PORTABLE WII. Congrats!! xD Haha, laughed my ass off!! I am so getting that console a year later when they release more colours and bonuses. ^^



Thats the new controller which works in conjunction with the Wii. The new Wii console (Called Wii-U) supports 1080p displays via HDMI via 6-channel LPCM audio, uses the same DVD format as the Wii, is backwards compatible with the current compliment of Wii games and accessories.

Wii-U hardware specs haven't been released yet, but reports peg it as more powerful than the 360 and equal to that of the PS3. Unconfirmed of course. I'm sure we'll get more hardware specs this fall during the TGS (Tokyo Gaming Show) if its held.


Holly Golightly

Wow, that Wii-U controller looks mega cool. I like it. I do not think that will sway me out of PC Gaming, but it definitely is a nice feature. I wonder if the screen will be a bit distracting? Eitherway it looks cool.

As for Dust 514... I do not get it, it is a PS3 exclusive game that connects changes PC gaming... I highly doubt PC Gamers are going to like that. If this were the case, they should have made a PC version that can also change the PS3 side of things. Hmm... Some companies seem a little one sided these days.



If you play EVE online, it connects to Dust 514. basically go from an rpg to an mmorts. they claim to be the first game to do this



I like the dust 514 preview

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