E3 2013: Razer Blade Interview



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On request, Razer has refused to specify what display technology they use.

I had read a few hands-on reviews that said the display was rather poor for such an expensive laptop, with brightness, contrast and viewing angles low, giving it a washed out look.

So before I hit the buy button, I shot off an email to Razer. They answered promptly, but stated that they do not wish to disclose the display technology as they might still change to something else.

This was right after the start of sales for the 14" Blade. I replied, asking them to send me an email once they had decided to put a display to match the quality of the other components in the system.

To this, they replied that I should just keep checking their site... And as of today, the site still doesn't mention the display with a single word.




I had the opportunity to use them at InfernaLAN for the weekend.
These machines were amazing...

Though I wasn't a fan of the touchpad, who games w/ a touchpad? We have Razer mice for that! (or well, logitech in my case)...

I was pretty impressed, and it was last year's machine demo from PAX Prime.

In my opinion, it's a very viable laptop for anyone who needs gaming power AND some portabillity in the same package (albeit without concern for battery life)



It is cool that they are pushing performance while keeping the form factor thin. I honestly feel like "Razer claims its new Blade is the most powerful gaming laptop per cubic inch" is just a pointless spin.

I don't seem many gamers bragging about how small the mobo is in their laptop, or how space efficient it is on the inside. I do worry about heat generated in such a thin casing, where the components are even close together.

Still...I'd get one if the price was substantially less.






Meh, I wanna see that motherboard. Then we can talk about space efficiency. (honestly, why is it so hard to look at an official picture of a laptop motherboard?)

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