E3 2013: AMD Booth Tour



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I'm actually impressed with AMD's PR/spokesperson Robert, great presentation. AMD has bigger market with their value/performance ratio.



Ok say you are limited to a computer or laptop with no discrete graphics, say the small vesa type of computers. Which is the best way to go to play some games Nividia or Amd, from what I can tell possible Amd processors are better then Haswell if that is all you have to work with ??



Paul, you say that "the FX-9590 with 8 physical processing cores." What exactly does that mean? I have the FX-8350 and its an 8 core CPU, but there is some debate as to if its a true 8 core processor, that it is somewhat better than Hyper Threading but not the same as 8 individual cores.


Insula Gilliganis

Newer AMD CPUs have "modules" and each module has "two" cores, so a four module part, such as the FX-9590, is considered an eight core part and is seen by Windows as having 8 cores. But AMD's "cores" are defined differently than how Intel defines theirs. As to if AMD's approach is "better" than having Hyper Threading, just consider that a FX-8350 is considered roughly equivalent to an i5-3570K, which is a 4 core, NO Hyper Threading part. Each single Intel core is usually seen as being more efficient than a single AMD core so programs that don't use many cores/threads favor Intel, while programs that use more cores usually benefit from AMD's approach, when compared to Sandy/Ivy Bridge CPUs. More physical cores usually are better than "hyper threaded" cores but, since each single AMD core don't work as well as each Intel core, have to say that Intel's approach is better. I just wrote a bunch of words about the FX-9590 here --> maximumpc.com/article/news/amd_wins_race_5ghz_fx-9000_series_processor2013

Jimmy.. you were filming WAYY too close to most objects, especially since most things you were recording needed to be seen vertically, not horizontally. Any closer to that guy's face and I would have been counting his nose hairs!! Also, I know it was noisy there but could hardly hear you talk. Plus, a couple of times you moved the camera WAYY too fast so images were just a blur!!



It's split so that you have 4 modules with 2 cores in each one. The concept is that each module is assigned it's cache level and then the two cores share it. So it is really by normal terms a true 8 core. Yet this sharing process tends to hinder performance vs each core being separate instead of in groups of 2.

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