E3 2013: Alienware 18-inch, 17-inch, and 14-inch Gaming Laptops



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Never owned an alienware and i keep hearing bad things about the customer service and i think there are better companies out there. It looks cool though :)



I liked Alienware better when they had nothing to do with Dell & their India Based Tech Support.



If you are in the market and want the best one which means best case aluminum and magnesium, best cooling, most well built and 24 hour around the clock service and worlwide tech support and service then the only option is Alienware. If you are ok with a plastic case, a boring or standard look such as clevo then get one of the others. I am sure you will see the future comparison reviews will be always Alienware number 1 and the rest behind. It really is the best one if money is not your priority. I have two alienware laptops and will be buying a desktop next but if I had to buy another gaming laptop I would once again bite the bullet and buy an Alienware, I just dont like anything that feels cheap or looks cheap especially when I spend 10 hours a day on my computer and over the course of 4 years 3 or 4 hundered dollars more then a plastic less quality laptop for pride of ownership feeling is nothing. And no if you removed the alienware name it would not be cheaper. Go to Origen and configure there base clevo plastic case. They are the same price as Alienware or more without the custom case, without the custom unique lighting and software.



I like Alienware laptops too. I bought an M18X R1 a couple years ago and got it on sale through AAFES for over $1000 discounted off the price and it was tax free. I loved the R1 from day one and just recently sold it to a friend. So, would I buy another one today? NO WAY! Dell's price range has steadily increased over the past few years to a point where only a very small percentage of the gaming population can actually afford them anymore. Why do you think Dell is in such dire financial circumstances? Greed. Dell really needs to rethink it's marketing strategy and LOWER their prices! No one in their right mind is going to pay +$3000 for a fully loaded M18X laptop anymore. With the rise of the new small form factor market (Northwest Falcon's Tiki, and Digital Storm's Bolt), it's time for Dell to adjust to the times and cut their prices so that they can compete more directly as well as sell more units. It's called "business strategy" and would help them dig out of their perverbial hole that they have dug themselves into. Asus, MSI, Lenevo, and Clevo are companies that get it - they understand how to be competitive. They offer cheaper comparable products that cost several hundred dollars less. If Dell doesn't adjust soon, they won't have a business.



I'm really wanting a M18x, love a huge screen, but the older gens allowed to have 3 hard drives, it seems now the current gen M18x only have 1 hard drive?



What about the low screen brightness problems I've been hearing about the new Haswell based Alienwares? Less than 200 nit and so-so viewing angles?




I think Alienware did a pretty good job in pricing. As you saw the new Asus G750's, there price is like Alienware. 2000 dollars for a laptop like this? Great price tag considering new CPU & GPU. Of course we would like to see lower prices but hey maybe we will...just wait for the sales! :) But the question is: which laptop would you buy if you had the choice between Alienware & Asus G750's?



With the Asus G750, upgrading is not possible but the AC adapter is nice and big.
With the MSI GT60/GT70-2od, upgrading IS possible, but the AC adapter will prevent taking potential of the upgraded hardware (limited to 180w).

The MSI has a nice rainbow backlit keyboard but the touchpad sucks (buttons hard to press) and apparently shuts itself off it using the keyboard.

The Asus has a nice touchpad but it is really heavy.

The Alienwares I've heard have screen brightness problems and so-so viewing angles.
The Clevo p157sm has low screen brightness when on battery power for some reason.

So all these new laptops with the fast Nvidia 780m coprocessor have issues.
But maybe the Lenovo Y500 is perfect? Who knows



Agree they are way overcharging for the brand name. The Y500 series are a way better value.



Way too much money. I just checked out the 14 and it would cost me $1349 to get one with 1080p and a 750m. I can get a Y510p with 750m SLI and more RAM for less money.



Remove the name "Alienware" and it's prolly $999.

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