E3 2008:Rock Band 2 Tracklist Announced



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Rockband would be number 1 on my list to not have ported to a PC. I could not imagine trying to play the drums on a 24" monitor. Guitar isnt bad on a small screen neither is the singing but to have room to work with on the drums forget it. And forget about having a rockband party in your own house on the PC good luck fitting 4 people around a 24" display.



You had me at "Psycho Killer".



I am very, very confident that it will never be released for the PC. They would never do something as kind and considerate as even think about doing anything at all in any way shape form and/or fashion for PC gamers.




All my friends were once ardent PC gamers but now they have all forsaken their PCs as gaming devices. Even I haven't played a PC game for two weeks now.

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