Dustball Vacuum Concept Really Sucks



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dust bunnies are the bain of all computers


if this would help eliminate them it would be a god send


somebody call Gordon, lets get this tested an reviewed!!!



This concept is going to fail miserably. The contact area between the floor and the vaccum is very miniscule. So it won't "suck" efficiently - especially being that it's going to employ a weak motor running on rechargeable batteries. Take a piece of paper, draw a circle, and then a tangent line to the circle. You'll see that the point of contact is almost infinitely small. So small, in fact, that you have to use calculus to prove that the tangential line is actually touching the sphere at all.



So basically it's going to be this big ball of weight that will keep bouncing into you and everything else in the house while it does virtually nothing to clean. Sounds awesome.

Industrial Designer =/ engineer

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