Dungeons & Litigations: DDO Developer Sues Atari



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I can't comment on the contractual stuff, but I can say, as a lifelong fan of D&D (started playing the RPG as an 8 yo with my friends)... the MMO blows donkey, IMHO.  Crappy graphics and a poor interface - I tried it for about 2 hours and got fed up.  Considering how excited I was by the idea of a D&D MMO, that is ridiculously quick.

Some tips to people making MMOs, Sword&Sorcerer, Sci-Fi, or whatever-based: TRY SOMETHING NEW!  Like, really new!  You know, where I don't just repeatedly hit number keys and then lose to some dork with a spreadsheet.  Let's see an MMO out there that actually requires skill and maybe even some thought.  WoW was and remains to be an excellent game - however none of you others out there (here's looking at you, Warhammer) are going to be successful producing WoW knock-offs.

Sorry for the rant, but come on... so many companies and so little real innovation.  That's why the Wii is #1 in consoles - creativity; the next big MMO will have to be creative on the same level to unseat WoW.



I won't speak to the validity of Turbine's claims about Atari, but I will say this much:  If their game didn't suck, Atari wouldn't be looking elsewhere.



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