Duke Nukem Lives Lavishly as Take Two Loses Money in Q1



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Where does Gearbox play into the story?? I thought they bought all rights to the Duke Nukem Franchise? How did they make out on the deal? 

Design/Development = Gearbox , Publisher/Marketing/Hype machine = 2k games??? 



Honestly, I played the demo and if not for the 2 weapon limit, I might have actually finished it and maybe even bought the game.



Well, I'm not suprised.  Duke Nukem forever is an aweful game.  In fact its one of the worst games I'v played in a long time.  They really shouldn't have rushed it to the market because, yuk it was bad!



"The game publisher lost $8.7 billion in its fiscal first quarter, which works out to 11 cents per share."


I would imagine that if there really were 79 BILLION shares of Take Two Interactive floating around out there, the economy would be on the edge of collapse.

Oh shi



Paul, Second paragraph "The game publisher lost $8.7 billion in its fiscal first quarter, which works out to 11 cents per share." I think it should be million.

This really doesn't surprise me. The only problem that I had with the demo, and the reason I haven't bought it, is that I had extreme blurriness when turning in game. This made it practically unplayable to me. I may buy it when it hits $5 on steam, but I can't justify the full price with such a glaring fault.



You're right, it is $8.7 million -- nice catch. As to DNF, I picked up the Balls the Steel Edition for PC and played through it, for the nostalgia factor (having played the Duke Nukem 3D back in the day). There were some fun elements, and many frustrating ones, like the console-esque two-weapon limit (upgraded to four via the latest patch) and the ultra linear game play.



Speaking of nostalgia, have you ever played Hell: A Cyber Punk Thriller. Man I would love to see that game remade.

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