Duke Nukem Forever to Kick Ass and Chew Bubblegum in 3D Vision



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Duke and I have had many good times!!



I'm pissed that I never got the early access demo I was promised. I have a product key and everything!



Perhaps folks expectations were off the charts for this game.   I mean, c'mon guys, Duke Nukem 3D is like 14 years old and was good at the time, but look at games from that day an age.

I loved this game.  It's not a game changer for the FPS genre, it doesn't even feel like the classic FPS PC game feel.  I hope lots of folks buy it so they get enough incentive to work on a sequel.  Kicking alien ass with cheesy one-liners and goofy guns and levels just makes me happy. 

For me, Duke lives on and this is a very suitable entry into the franchise.  It hardly deserves the flak and the 3.5/10 or 5.0/10 ratings so many people are giving it.



For all the hype, it's already getting lukewarm reviews:




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