Duke Nukem Forever Developer Sinks Amidst Sea of Questions



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Keith E. Whisman

Come on. This game better be freaking Earth shattering great. This game had better be so awesome that PC gaming will change forever with the release of Duke Nukem Take Forever.

Hell I could have learned how to program and design games and gotten pretty good at it in the many years that Duke Nukem Take Forever has been in development. Whole operating systems have been built from the ground up quicker than this one game.




for Daikatana II: The Enquickening to come out.  Sigh.  How about Mechwarrior 7: Microsoft Destroys Another Franchise edition?  Or Mechwarrior 8: Defrauding the Defense Budgets of the Inner Sphere?  With particles?



Come on...it's been 13 years! The target market for this game probably hasn't even played DN 3D.

Sorry, but the window closed a long time ago. No one cares anymore.



No one steals our chicks... and lives!


I Jedi

The dream is never over!

 Ha. Ha. Someone will eventually take the project up again and it will eventually happen. If the community bass is strong enough to make an uproar about all this, it could happen sooner, then. 



After such a long time they could have just used a new engine, and used the same maps/weapons/etc from the orginal Duke Nukem 3D game.  Would anyone really have known the difference by now?


Keith E. Whisman

You can download the original game but with high resolution textures and the latest 3D effects. It's the same game but with up to date graphics. I have'nt played it but I did D/L it. It's available via Bit Torrent.

I should go ahead and see how it plays in Windows 7 RC. It's got a new installer too. It's practically a new game.  




this is the one game i was looking forward to play :(



im almost certain when (if) this game comes out, its gona suck big donkey balls. then were all gone be like, wtf, we waited this long for this crap? but if its good, then it will eb nice few weeks.



lack of funding seems like it killed it. maybe they tried too hard to make the game too perfect, if it ever got that far. i am sure the Duke's series will be revamped eventually, just won't be now or in the immediate future. or it could tank like the recent installments of the Leisure Suit Larry games. back then those were real fun, buit now are just horrible messes or lame jokes and overused innuendo.



Hey, don't forget. TF2 took 10 years and look how well it's been recieved. Then again, it was packaged with 2 other games...and even now only costs about a 20bucks. Hmm yea...well, I forgot about Duke Nukem anyways lol



I've honestly given up hope on ever playing this game.



I loved Duke Nuckem back in the days,But this has just turned in to a 12 year old bad joke with no punch line.

Let it die....




Multiple blogs and gaming sites are reporting it as confirmed including this guy who had a little chat with Joe.



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