Duke Nukem Can't Stop Game Sales from Slipping



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I think the last game that I actually purchased in a store was BF2.  Ever since then I've used Steam for everything.  I've probably spent over $500 alone on Steam, and I'm sure I'm not the only one that does.



I hate it when these stupid "sales" figures are posted as if they really mean something.  If they can't account for online sales, then the figures are completely and utterly worthless.


Mastro Antonio

Steam made a billon dollars last year so I wouldn't count it out. Give it some time, this fall will see record sales of a variety of games and Halo 4 in 2012 will easily see 3 million gamers online in it's first day of release. I can imagine that because their whole bit with marketing merchandise to kids like Mega Bloks, action figures, board games and the like. As much as it disturbs me as it is a mature game that these products are featured from it's doing the job to get future gamers on board.



How could sales even be reported without online sales. I and everybody I know only buy games online now. Oh and yes I did buy DNF online and enjoying it so far. 



Yeah, online sales are a good chunk of the video game market.  I'm guessing the reason for it is that they weren't able to compile enough information to get a good estimate for how much online sales took.

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