DUH Alert: Most Internet Radio Listeners Prefer Free Music



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It is nearly impossible to be completely free without adds. (If there is a way I would like to know. Donations don't count.) If there is enough money generated from adds then free is viable. All these musicians need ways of making money. With record/CD/DVD sales down from streaming and "free" services, all these companies need to sell rights to all of these other online/streaming companies to even play those songs/shows/movies. Since all the streaming media is catching on so fast, all the competition is changing prices and packages too often. IE Netflix. I am tired of going back into my account to change my plan over and over. It is still very affordable though. I hope that the popularity of free streaming music doesn't also increase price or generate a required subscription. 


Holly Golightly

I am sorry to say this, but free is the future. Any paid-anything is just pure greed from the corporation. Online games are free2play, and yes, many online radio staions now offer free listening experience as stated in the article. I block the ads of course, so I get a total ad-free listening experience. Advertisements are annoying. They belong in hell.

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