"Dude, You're Getting a Dell" with Windows XP, for How Much?



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I have Vista Home Premium running on an old P4 I bought in 2004 with 1 gig of ram and it run just fine. Also I put it on my new system too. My AMD x2 4200+, MSI cheap n cheesy mobo, a 7800 GS Nvidia Card and 2 gig of cheap $30 memory. I bought this stuff on Newegg and all together it cost me about $150. Wow I paid as much for the OS as I did for the parts for the upgrade. All in all the cheapest upgrade I've had since I started building my own computers.

XP is a dead horse that the media wont let die with all these bs stories. I have Vista on most of my machines now except for kids machines. Let em mess it up and then teach them a lesson by making them reinstall the OS they trashed doing dumb stuff that kids and some adults do. As far as searching for drivers I find that I have to search for many more for my xp machines then with my Vista machines since Microsoft went and wrote or rewrote a bunch of drivers for companies that wouldn't get off their collective butts and write a driver that was worth anything or even write anything for alot of them.

 I also have some d-link pci wifi card that got almost no signal or dropped the signal on my XP partition on my Gateway yet in Vista it gets perfect reception without any drops hmmmmmmmmmmm! So lets get to the reality of it yes Vista uses more resources so does MAC OSX just reality I have both MACs and PCs my ol lady loves her mac no matter how many times it has had some hardware failure that apple DIDN'T COVER on 2000 dollar PC that gives me a headache everytime I hear honey my computer is messed up. I have a G4 that admittedly I have never had an issue with, but her G5 makes me wanna cry all the damn time. That computer can be a nightmare and has way more problems than my ol G4 or my cheap systems I've built from newegg. Why isn't anyone talking about how bloated OSX is getting or how crappy some of these new MACs are getting.

Don't forget your cell phone has more processing power and memory than most computers did with Win98 was all the rave. Win 98se with 1gig hds, 2mb video cards, 32mb of memory w/ 100 to 500 mhz proc. XP had even more upgrade headaches than Vista people just can't remember, they didn't have a computer or they're lieing! XP didn't run worth a damn till the 1ghz proc barrier was broke and is a joke without atleast 256mb of ram and you better not wanna do to many things at once. Even my XP machines demand atleast 512mb to do anything other than internet and very very light gaming.



drivers is no excuse not when their is Inovative-sol(utions).com DriverMAx which scan you computer drivers and gives you linksto down load updaters for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeee



Linux is not the answer for Joe Blow computer user.  Which Desktop?  Which Distro?  Which Kernel?

Linux is NOT the universal replacement for Windows. Linux has been threatening to take over the desktop world for 20 years. Watching them try has been like watching the New Orleans Saints attempt to reach the Superbowl every year.

Linux is still pretty much of a niche operating system, especially compared with the installed base for Windows XP, Windows Vista, or even Apple's OS X, which is growing at a faster adoption rate than EITHER Windows or Linux.

Until Linux users realize that non-technical users shouldn't need a software engineering degree to put Linux on a computer (including Laptop), Linux will remain but a tiny fraction of the total installed user base worldwide.

The world has been waiting for Linux to mature since 1992.  I hope the world brought some reading material while they wait.  It's going to be quite a while longer.






So there was a great article in Wired Magazine recently about whether or not Microsoft can turn itself around.... I think this situation with Dell is a perfect example of what is wrong with Microsoft's business model - it is not customer oriented.  It seems that first they ask themselves "What can we sell people", then "Ok, now how can we squeeze them for every last dime?"

 I currently use Vista Home Premium and am happy with it... I am unhappy with the level of obvious disconnect that exists, though.  If charging MORE for an older product (we are not talking classic cars here) is actually a necessity for your monopoly *cough* company to get customers to stick with the new product, then it is pretty clear you are moving in the wrong direction, IMHO.

Good luck with pulling it together for Windows 7....



your bile should be more directed at Dell then MS, come on people read the article before you jump on any bandwagon. The 150 cost is because the default vista has no downgrade patch so Dell is charging you for a upgraded Vista so you can download.


Its more Dells inability to work around a upgrade path then MS directly



Im using vista ultimate, and so far, I like it.

 But let me tell you getting everything up and running with it was a nightmare. I have a fairly new msi p6n diamond board, which supposedly came with vista drivers. Was getting random lockups and hangs all the time. Did a buttload of research when I started getting blue screens for nvstore.sys and it turns out it;s the sata drivers. Had to track down those nforce drivers and upgraded them. Vistsa still decided to use the old drivers for some reason so i had to research what was going on, then uninstalled the old drivers and installed the new ones and finally got it running.

THEN was still getting blue screens, but this one was related to rt500sys, a linksys driver it turns out, for my wmp54g network adapter. Did an assload of research on that and Linksys does not support that model anymore with vista. But microsoft does apparently and made updated drivers for it, so I had to track that down through windows update.

FInally after all that hell vista is up and running and i do like it much better than XP. But i can see where the shear hate can come from regarding vista. I never had so many problems getting up and running in xp, but it could be I got into computers around the time sp1 came out. I guess you can't blame microsoft as much because they were third party drivers as the culprit, but man I wasted a lot of time trying to get everything working. People who just want their stuff to work I can see why it's a huge turn off to have these problems, and with me espeiclaly with newer hardware. That left me a little confused as to why I'd be having so many issues.

Anyway, I hope windows 7 really hits the nail on the head because getting vista going was a nightmare. But I DO like it much more than XP and wouldn't go back.



Why use anything other than linux on a laptop.  you're just going to surf the web with one of those things and thats it.  tell me when one of those laptops is running crysis and then i will tell you MS is trying to rip people off.  if you're in the market for a laptop why not run vista...the crap in those machines is slowin 'em down, not the OS. 



well not everyone is trying to run Crisis on super mega duper high. I use my laptop for City of Heroes, Lord of the Rings: Mins of Moria, Anarchy Online, World of Warcraft, Second Life.




and also these CGI renders




Done on a laptop.



... of M$ trying to shove Vista down evey computer user's throat, there you have it.


Goodbye Dell -- hello Dell competitor.  Teach Dell why it's called a free enterprise system.



A novel idea for Dell to sell XP Laptops but ther are better options like the DIY laptops from OCZ. I put one together a few months ago and set up a dual boot with XP & Vista and I am very satisfied with it.

It seems like instead of sunsetting these laptops and recycling them they are pushing these to the average consumer and eventually the consumer will return in a few months wanting a better performing laptop because their current one is running slow

With the OCZ DIY Laptops, you will retain them for much longer than one season.




I haven't been paying attention, really --but I think they absolutely need to publish a list:  "if your computer has these components, Vista has not been fixed for your machine yet:..."

As far as I'm concerned, they've taken the "leave customers twisting in the wind," business strategy.

My Dad asked me to recommend a good package on a cheap PC, and I told him to avoid Dell, because I saw that downgrade charge.  He can get a refurb unit from another OEM with XP cheaper.





Does this mean I can sell my old copy of XP on ebay for $150?  That's not too shabby....



Compared to Vista, XP sux ASS.  U just gotta have decent hardware to run it.  And if I don't have decent hardware I wouldn't run XP on it.  So go figure.



Really it is. Windows XP is stable, I've never had any problems with it. Does everything I want it to, and only has 30 processes running at a time. I've seen Vista. That's horrific at best.  Wouldnt' touch that OS with a 50 foot pole and a hazmat suit.



funny how my experience is the exact oposite.


I've had LESS clases on Vista (even before SP1) then on XP Pro. Vista Home Premium is MORE stable and reliable and programs seem to run faster on it...


Programs imported from my XP system.

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