Dual GTX 460 Zotac Board Spotted on the Web



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even with this technology $800 is a bit steep. Especially for only 1GB of GDDR5. Granted it'll be a total of 2 GB since it's two cards in one.. still maybe $600 would be a bit more plausible.  Though I'm guessing for a card like this, you'd need atleast a 1200 Watt PSU since this will probably require 600-800 Watts just for the card to run.


Peanut Fox




Well, if they go forward with this, it could hit a serious performance/price sweet spot, specially since it's looks shorter than the monster ATI card (pending heat sink of course), I mean, if you could grab this for $400 and SLI two such boards = quad SLI on the cheap. but I don't think putting these in 16x slots would out too much of a bottleneck.

Assuming they go forward with it


Talcum X

Can a single PCIe slot handle that amount of info or will 2 descrete cards in SLI actually move more data?



I'm not sure but I believe it can do more work because it has a faster connection between the two GPUs. Additionally it's more compatible, this can be used with an AMD northbridge.



Looks like it has it's sli bridge connection on the board.  Could make for a good setup if priced right, 4 GTX460 (regular GTX460 can only do 2 sli). 

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