Is a Dual-GPU GeForce GTX 500 Series Card Just Around the Corner?



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Don't buy anything this close to CES if you want to be sure you have the latest and greatest. Chances are that new stuff will be anounced at CES. In some casses it may not be available yet but at least you can then make an informed decision to buy now or wait.


Fecal Face

Holy hell, didn't the GTX4-- series JUST come out?!

I'm planning on buying two GTX470's around christmas time, and now they're already talking about GTX5-- series? :(



So if the new dual gpu is the 6970, does this mean the 69xx cards will be dual GPU? And is it based on the 68xx GPUs? Or the promised GPUs in a higher bracket? And where will those cards fit into their naming system now?

These dual GPU cards could be X2s (like AMDs processor lineup) so the 69xx is still open for their upcoming cards... or they could push the 68xx all the way to the 6890...

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