Dropbox Offers Up To 5GB Of Additional Space To Beta Build Users



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I'm already up to 4.5GB, I just take a crap load of random pictures with my iPhone and let it import. Soon I'll have the 5GB of space.



thanks for the tip on cx, checking it out. They are definitely new, the software isn't nearly as polished as dropbox, but looks very nice. I also like sugarsync.

On the dropbox stuff, you only get the "free" space if you use the space? ok...

The ironic thing is, I wonder if dropbox, sugarsync and cx all have their service hosted on the same place, like S3? So even if you put your stuff on three different services, if amazon blows up it's all gone anyway?



i've been using cx.com , 10 gb for free, the service is very new but they already have an android app, its very cool, my plan is to keep dropbox for personal data and cx for professional use

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