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I'm sorry guys but I just don't get the appeal of cloud storage. I have a flash drive that holds 4 times as much as the free account for dropbox. I use synctoy to keep it synced with my home destop, laptop and office computers. It takes me a less than a minute to sync it at each machine. I have it backed up to a second flash drive that is stored in a different location. All of that and I don't have to pay a monthly fee. And I don't have to worry about security nearly as much.

So again, What is the big deal about cloud storage?

Oh and I agree whole heartedly - CAN THE SPAM! IT'S A PAIN IN THE NECK!!



I didn't realize it's been that long before version 1.0. I've used it for months and didn't see any problems. I've just upgraded to the latest version. Also, can we PLEASE get rid of the comment spam? All 3 of the comments here (before this one) are spam. That happens on EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE that I've seen here. If you need someone to moderate the comments and get rid of this, I'll do it.



Yes plesae get rid of the spam!

Drop box is great. I like he select sync!

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