Dropbox Doubles Storage Capacity for Paying Customers, Adds 500GB Plan



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we’ll focus on the one that we employed: the FTIR screen. An FTIR (short for Frustrated Total Internal Reflection) setup involves vpn client three vital components: a sheet of transparent acrylic, a chain of infrared LEDs, and a camera with an IR filter.



I really haven't had a need for cloud storage much. However I do love the 5GB of free space I have with Dropbox. The one advantage Dropbox has over everyone else in my eyes is the photo upload feature they have from smartphones. I have this enabled so as soon as I snap a pic, it automatically uploads to dropbox. The pictures are there on my desktop waiting when I get home. This is incredibly handy when snapping pics for ebay sales and what not.



2GB... nice for free, but not really sure what I would put in there for that, that isn't already secure and safe in email storage?



Files above 25MB that you can't attach in most email services.

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