Dropbox Blocks Torrent Downloading Service Boxopus Over Piracy Concerns



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Of course torrents equal piracy. Go to any public tracker and what do you see? Kittens and sunshine? Yes its used for "legitimate" purposes but that's irrelevant. Its a very naughty illegal protocol. And we all know real pirates use Usenet so this is all pointless anyway.



I'm not familiar with Boxopus, but this seems wrong. By doing this, won't Dropbox lose any Safe Harbor protections of the DMCA by actively monitoring traffic. If they are found to be facilitating copyright infringement, they wont be able to claim that it's not there fault, they are just a dumb pipe/syncing service. Right? I know it's usually for ISPs but wouldn't it apply to something like Dropbox too.. well until this i think...

Torrents are a good alternative for distributing files without racking up massive bandwidth costs with a centralized server HTTP download method. In adition to Linux Distros, Project CARS uses torrents to distribute game files and patches. Other games also use bittorrent to distribute patches, so as the poster above said: torrents do not automatically equate to pirating.


Zinc Whiskers

I was actually surprised this was possible in the first place...especially when they were touting that "downloads are anonymous, as Boxopus takes care of the downloading".

Dropbox announced just last week that they were killing Public Folders for new accounts...so this new venture was doomed from the start.



Dropbox cost him money, he should sue. (no sarcasm)



obviously the MCAA was successful in spreading the false assumption to the world that torrent = piracy. Torrents are a mechanism of distributing files, nothing more, nothing less. It doesn't promote anything.

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