Droid X Now Up for Pre-Order at Best Buy



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I've been on the Best Buy site a number of times today and I can find no where can I pre-order one.



It has a Texas Instruments, Omap clocked at 1 Ghz. This processor is better than the snapdragon, has a better gpu, and runs faster clock for clock.



My new every two is only 2 months away... Unless HTC leap-frogs Motorola by then, it appears Droid X will be my new ride...

 Bye bye enV2, you've been a great phone.  I can't wait to sit beside my cousin and her iPhone 4 and talk to people when she's got no signal. 



Droid 2 has the improved (physical) keyboard.  Droid X has only a software keyboard (which, technically, you're correct in saying that it's improved since it's on a bigger screen and should be easier to type on.  But I'm pretty sure you were saying that it has an improved hardware keyboard...which it doesn't.)



about getting the droid for the few seconds after this (just got one a few days ago) but then i read that the Droid 2, while having a better keyboard, which really isn't as horrible as people say it is, will have MotoBlur. no thank you.

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