Droid RAZR Unveiled: 1.2GHz Dual-Core, Water Resistant, $299



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"Moto has also locked the bootloader on this device."

Sorry but didn't they promise that they would start releasing unlocked devices? Liars.

Definitely sounds like a good phone from the specs and looks pretty decent, but I'm going to have to wait for reviews before I consider this phone.



Can you please explain what is so special about the bootloader being unlocked? Seriously. Explain why that is a make it or break it deal for you.

You can't use ROM's as a explanation because you don't need a unlocked bootloader for that.

You also can't use flashing to a different carrier becasue you don't need a unlocked bootloader for that as well.


So with that being said, please explain why the bootloader is so important?



Galaxy Nexus, is going to eat this things lunch




Because it has what over the DROID RAZR? Ice cream Sandwich? That'll change in a couple months. NFC? Name one thing you're ACTUALLY gonna use NFC for.


Exactly. Nothing.



Figured it was only a matter of time until Motorola brought the RAZR back to combat the iphone.  If they market and price it right, it could do very well.



I was excited until I saw "non-replaceable battery."


Then I actually laughed when I saw the bootloader was locked.  No thanks, not going to blow $300 on a phone crippled with Motoblur.



1. Its quite easy to de-blur a Motorola phone. 

2. You DONT HAVE TO HAVE a unlocked bootloader to ROM ur phone.....

3. Motorola's europe twitter account already announced the DROID RAZR's bootloader IS UNLOCKABLE. Direct ur hate at Verizon.

4. Yep the battery isnt removable......so what? Works for the iPhone and people dont seem to care.....



Actually, there may be an issue with the unremovable battery. When I rooted my Atrix, I had to pull out my batter when I was in Fast Boot mode (it didn't have an option to shutdown).



What he's getting at is that Apple has a "unremovable battery" and they have got along so far. You just have to take it to them (Verizon) to get it fixed though (which should be free?)

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