Droid RAZR Revealed Early



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I agree with Antonio -- it shore is purty.

If this thing has the performance to back up those good looks, this might convince me to drop the physical keyboard I'm attached to on my OG Moto Droid. I've been considering jumping into the shiny, clean pool of the iPhone 4S, but it won't take much to talk me off that ledge.


Holly Golightly

The back of this phone looks too similar to the back of the Droid X line up. Will they stop making the Droid X phones? I was sort of waiting to see if there will be a Droid X3. The Droid X2 is fine but I need a camera button. I find it rather funny how Motorola used an old name for a new device. It is like a come-back of sorts. I loved my baby-pink Razr flip phone from Verizon. It was so girly at the time. The only thing that I hated was that damn White Screen it would always get when there was overload. Anyhow... Let's see just how good this new Droid Razr turns out to be.



The Droid X2 is the salvaged "Etna" Droid Bionic. It failed testing so Moto stuffed it into a Droid X body and called it the X2. Its a horrible crash prone mess of a phone. Im glad Moto scraped Etna in favor of "Targa" which became the released Droid Bionic.



Too bad customers are returning their Bionic's in droves.  Apparently, there is an issue with headphone usage (static sounds).  There are 100 page threads about it on Motorola forums, including one thread that proves it's not isolated but widespread.  Motorola has yet to even address the issue.



That phone looks sexy.  At the same time I would have thought that Motorola would have gone with a different shell, considering it's design is almost the exact same as the DROID X and X2..  Maybe it's just a bit thinner or something?



I miss my old RAZR....

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