Droid Joins the Unlocked Phone Club



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Considering I have multiple apps on my phone that use multitouch I would change the wording from not supported, since it is supported, it is just not used in the bindled apps.



Why do they even bother locking these things to begin with? Wouldn't everyone's life be much simpler if they wouldn't try so hard to control what we do with the devices we buy? They rule with a limp, impotent little fist.



The Droid does do Multitouch out of the box, the built in browser just doesn't have it enabled. If you download the Dolphin Browser it works with Multitouch as do other applications you can download. You guys should really do some fact checking before posting up stories.



It's a half-assed implementation of multi-touch support, and not what I would consider true "out of the box" support. It's up to third-party developers to include the functionality, whereas the Milestone (another Android 2.0 device) includes multitouch built right into the framework.

More info here - http://www.cnet.com/8301-19736_1-10392484-251.html

-Paul Lilly

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