Droid Incredible Getting VCast App Store in Mandatory Update



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Verizon is no different than ATT or any other, they are Maximum Profit Companies (see what I did there?) that want to balance what ppl want to buy with how they can make money.

Whether it was winmo or android I've always rooted and flashed my phones. (currently on Skyraider 3.3 on my dinc) To me that is freedom on a phone. I can do it, or not. I can root and then remove any app I want. I can flash and make the UI mine. I can root and flash only to find that I really liked the way V has it setup and flash back to stock... regardless, there is no penalty. Much credit goes to the dev community that has embraced android. Many of them are from the winmo-verse.

Yes, I have issue with any carrier 'forcing' me to do anything on my phone, but then that is probably because I see my phone the same way I see my PC. It is mine, and I will do with it what I wish, when I wish it. It certainly won't get me to stop trying new roms any time soon. That is why I also appreciate MaxPC for covering all of this stuff... it is what I (and many other readers I'm sure) are interrested in currently.

I think most ppl will not have issue with the update... heck, they may even like the verizon app store. That is the beauty of freedom.

And no, there is not an app for that.



"How do you folks put up with it?  Is it not as bad as it seems?  Or is simply the best alternative to an iPhone?  I have an iPod Touch (flame on, I have my fire proof underwear on) but at least I can choose to not upgrade it if I don't want to."

The iPhone isn't any better when you have Steve dictating what's good and what's not for Apple's customers.  I hate not being able to watch Flash movies and content on my phone, or having Apple decide which apps are better for me to choose from.  AT&T sucks as a carrier and unless Verizon starts carrying the iPhone I won't think twice about switching phones when my contract is up.



Chill out. I really appreciate MaxPC's following of the phone sector.






I'm gonna start my own goddamn network so I won't have to deal with all this damn junk! I paid $200 for my phone, hyped it up for you, and am now paying $90 a month for 3 lines. What else do you want from me? STOP MAKING YOUR PRODUCTS SUCK! And this really applies to all networks, but mostly Verizon and AT&T.



MORE bloatware? Time to root, it seems. This is bullshit.



I thought Android was supposed to be the cell phone OS that was going to set everything free.  I get the feeling that it has led to even more control and confusion being forced down on consumers.  Before, the schoolyard bully was limited to just chasing you off the swings and see-saw.  Now that an entirely new playgroud with swings, see-saws, jungle gyms, wooden forts, baseball fields, etc have been built, the schoolyard bully has put up a chainlink fence around the whole school to better control and terrorize you.  Sure, you have more toys to play on, but you're in a bigger prison yard now as well.

I don't have one of these phones, but I do read the maxpc news items, and it seems like everyone is stuck in Carrier Controlled Hell with their Android phone.

How do you folks put up with it?  Is it not as bad as it seems?  Or is simply the best alternative to an iPhone?  I have an iPod Touch (flame on, I have my fire proof underwear on) but at least I can choose to not upgrade it if I don't want to.



We can also root our handsets (without fear) which frees us from all that crap!



We can choose not to upgrade if we don't want either.




I guess it's a good thing that my Incredible is rooted then, so I won't get this garbage.  I'm still looking for a custom ROM that will get rid of all the MISC crap they put on there from the 2.2 update.



Cyanogen Mod?



Verizon needs a serious competitor for wireless coverage.  I liked Alltel because they didn't force all their garbage on you, but when Verizon bought them out, I was pretty much stuck as now they're the only ones with decent rural area coverage.

As for the Incredible, it's been a pretty good phone, but with each update, Verizon is pushing more and more garbage onto the phone that I DO NOT WANT ON IT!  I'm almost to the point of rooting just so that so much junk isn't auto running on startup.

How about some useful inovation from Verizon and reasonable pricing of plans.  At least then I could stomach them forcing junk onto my phone, but when I pay a premium price already, I don't want their junk.

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