Droid Incredible 2 Coming to Verizon April 28



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One important distinction the I2 has over the original and the Thunderbolt, is that it's Global with an included SIM card. Mine only ran me about $100 after my "new in 2yr and rebates incentives"

I'me very happy with it!



The cost of the plan far exceeds the cost of the device. It would be nice to have this phone on a VirginMobile plan.  $25/month



I have the original Incredible and i'm wondering hwo the battery life compares to the original.  Cuz frankly its horrible...



Personally I think that the phone is a great phone, but not for $200.

1. They used the same speed processor as the Inc1, albeit the new generation CPU.
2. No Gingerbread.  I like Froyo, but the first thing I would do is grab the newest version of Cynanogen.
3. 4G would be nice, but definitely isn't a must.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that leaving this feature off will greatly improve the battery life from the old Inc.

Other than that, I think it's a really decent upgrade.  I just think it's a little overpriced.



Actually the price does not matter much. If you take what it costs to USE the phone over the course of a couple of years, the original cost is only a few percent.

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